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Good Vibes Stories

I was busy taking a photo with my chicken sandwich for a food review.☺

Papa: What’s inside your sandwich? Is it Manok (Filipino term for chicken meat)?
Me: No Pa. It’s chicken meat.
Papa: So chicken and manok don’t mean the same now?
Me: (Speechless)

I saw my toddler quietly squatting on the floor wearing his disposable diaper and concentrating on something.

Me: Are you pooping?
Akyn: (Continued concentrating )
Me: Are you pooping?
Akyn: smiled and said “DONE”

Baguio Trip Bloopers

ME : One of the locals recommended me to visit CAMP JUMP HAY ( it should be CAMP JOHN HAY)
Husband: (Laughing out loud) What’s CAMP JUMP HAY? Is he the cousin of CAMP JOHN HAY?

I started my blog with my funny conversations with my family because I will be writing about humor. Not everyone is blessed to have the gift of what they call as a sense of humor. Sometimes, we try so hard to throw a joke but failed to elicit the response to make people smile about it. We may assume, our jokes were not funny at all with the way we delivered it or simply because the person we were trying to please doesn’t find our jokes as funny as we do. Well, let’s accept it, there are some types of jokes that don’t sit well to everybody. We need to be extra cautious then in cracking a joke.

It doesn’t sound funny facial expression.

Question: Do we really need to be mindful in giving jokes to others?

Yes! A big yes of course not unless you are not sensitive enough to hurt someone’s emotions. Jokes aren’t universal. Some practical jokes can make people laugh and they may find it amusing. A few may consider it bland and not hilarious at all. Worst case, people will get offended and may file legal charges against you. Oh no! We don’t want to let it reach that nightmare because of an insensitive joke. So, in pitching for a joke, some considerations might be helpful to avoid getting stuck in a negative situation.

Whenever I’m trying to activate my talent to incorporate humor in socializing, I have some helpful tips to avoid hurting others.☺

**Consider your audience

Do you perhaps share some closeness with the person before throwing personal jokes on them? If not, then don’t dare. Don’t unleash the dragon version of your targeted audience. Try to think of some broad jokes everyone can relate to without hitting the personal ego’s of your listeners.

**Don’t let anyone be a victim of your jokes

The main reason why we create jokes is to make people happy. Shaming anyone for the purpose of being funny defeats the main goal of making everyone laugh. I honestly don’t understand why some would confront others using mean jokes. Like when they try to slap an individual with a hurtful truth followed by a statement,  “IT WAS JUST A JOKE.” Seriously! Isolating anyone in an embarrassing spot isn’t funny at all. Saying it bluntly in a form of an offensive joke just to appear to be on top of their victim by humiliating them, only shows how insecure the person is.

**Finding the right timing

Pitching a joke also requires great timing. There are few occasions when jokes aren’t welcome in a conversation. It’s one of my pet peeves when I am talking about something serious and urgent expecting an answer relevant to the question, then suddenly, I’ll get an out of nowhere joke as a response. It’s not that I don’t appreciate humor. I do, yes, but I don’t want to get out of the topic of what I like to settle during the conversation. Joking in the middle of a serious discussion may also send a wrong message of lacking interest to the topic. So, let’s be careful about as to when and where to inject humor.

Not all may be blessed to have such special trait to make everyone in the group burst into laughter. As long as we know and we constantly make an effort to incorporate humor to make the mood full of merriment, then it’s already a good sign of being able to appreciate on what they call as sense of humor.

Keep the laughter coming.♥











  1. Hello Chim or Mich (sorry not sure about your first name), I’m happy to nominate you and your blog to the Blogger Recognition Award. Congrats! I hope you’ll accept it and here’s the link to the post with your nomination
    There are a couple of rules to follow after the recognition, one of them is about nominating fellow deserving bloggers like yours.
    Congrats again!

    1. Omg I felt so honored getting nominated by you. Thank you so much. I can’t explain how happy I am receiving such recognition award. I’ll definitely check the link. Thanks again. ???

  2. Being able to make someone laugh is an awesome quality. The world definitely needs more laughter. Doing it respectfully is incredible, and your tips are very helpful.

    1. Thank you Stacy.♥

  3. We JUST had a conversation with our kids about how to be funny, and we used some of these same rules. Thanks for putting them into such a succinct list!

    1. Thanks Halee. Happy to hear that even the young cuties of yours already practice some rules about humor. ?

  4. making people laugh can be a wonderful thing! as long as it isn’t at the expense of others…you’re so spot on!

    1. Thank you Jasmine for taking you time to visit and dropping a comment.

    2. Thanks Jasmine for visiting and for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  5. Love your sense of humor!! I feel like as parents especially your always have to try an keep some sense of humor with things!

    1. Thanks Julia for your comment and for sharing your thoughts about sense of humor in parenthood.

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