Our New Passer-UK Driving Test

It’s always a happy time for me when I have this moment to sit and update my blog. Blogging is a hobby I can’t seem to live without. This blog is my outlet to my overwhelming emotions just like today when I can’t hold my enormous joy of how happy our family is after Mon officially passed his UK practical driving exam last Monday. Another answered prayer pretty Mommas. Yay!

Before I’ll start writing his journey let me say hi to all the pretty Mommas out there and virtual hugs to greet everyone belated happy Mothers’ Day as UK celebrated our special day last 27th of March. This is me smiling with my cottagecore top sale from F&F matched with my so pretty floral sling bag from Fat Face. I love this kind of to go outfit. Comfy yet oozing with the girlish floral touch.

Anyway, let’s start with how was his experience to get his professional driving license here? Was it an easy journey? Definitely no! If you have an international driving permit for immigrants you are allowed to drive for up to 12 months after which we are still required to sit a full UK Driving Test to be allowed to legally drive in this country. So many tests to undergo ey to become fully settled in here? To be fair, all the exams are necessary for the sake of road safety to all wanting to drive.

Mon had to take both the theory and the practical exam for driving. He started reviewing for his driving theory on the first quarter of 2021 and passed the computer based test in July of last year. Enough preparation is the key to ace it. After which, we searched for a professional driving instructor to prepare him for the next part, the practical exam. His instructor is one of the most recommended by our friends who recently passed the test as well. His name is Jonathan. To all my friends who are looking for an instructor, feel free to drop me a message to give you more info to contact him. You’re welcome.

It took him eight months to finally got the success he has been aiming for. A long journey, isn’t it? Because of the pandemic it was very difficult to book for a slot to take the exam. His first try was last February. He unfortunately didn’t make it. He said he was so nervous and completely forgot everything he had prepared for due to so much anxiousness. I can feel his disappointment. There’s always another try to prove ourselves. We owe a lot to Jonathan for trying his very best to find another slot for him to take the exam and yes, after a month, Mon got another chance to redeem himself.

We kept quite about his big day. Less pressure if less people are aware when the exam date is going to happen. I was secretely documenting taking photos of him on his big day. This is him but the photo was taken after he passed the test giving glory to say his thanks to the Lord almighty. He tried everything to calm his nevourness. Turned on his favorite music whilst waiting for Jonathan to pick him up. He also did the relaxing Yoga posture an hour before going to the test centre. I know how much he wanted to pass it and I greatly believed he can do it the second time around. Even before his test was finished, I already wrote it in my daily journal a congratulatory note for him and I wasn’t wrong. He came home with a very pleasant victory. Congratulations my love. Akyn and I are so proud of you!

Our Akyn posing on behalf of his Dad who doesn’t want to pose with his certificate. Mon’s camera shy this time. LOL

We decided to celebrate it with a family dinner in our favorite Chinese restaurant, the Oriental Palace.

My favorite three roasties.

Akyn’s all time food choice, the mixed seafood noodles.

Mon is always on the hunt for a vegetable meal. He got a vege soup this time.

and of course, the fried squid tentacles can’t be forgotten everytime we visit here.

Spring is considered to be the new beginnings. Indeed it has given us a new start to finally get one of our goals get realized as we continue our UK family journey.

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