Pilipinas Vacation 2023 Part 2

For a three weeks vacation, it was too short for us to do everything we intended to do at home. It might be too long for others who are just going on a holiday but for an overseas workers like us, it’s not enough. Going home doesn’t only mean like what others define what a vacation should be. For an OFW it means catching up with the lost precious time of the life we left back home, it means seeing all our loved ones and friends budgeting time spent to accommodate everyone we wanted to spend time with, it means completing all the documents and transactions we needed to update for being gone for three years, it means savouring each moment to be with our families because God knows when we will be able to afford again for another trip to go home. A round trip plane ticket is ridiculously so expensive for a family of three that’s why going home whenever we wanted to isn’t feasible for a working middle class.😌

Nonetheless, I am still very much thankful for the opportunity to be able to hug my families again. My parents were both teary when they first saw us arriving from the airport.I was about to cry, too but I tried not to or else I won’t be able to stop sobbing the happiest moment of seeing each other. I forced myself to smile and add jokes in between to keep the happy mood. I said to myself, “We will make the most of our short stay and make it a happy memorable one!”😍

In this blog post, I’ll share our time spent in Naga, Cebu where I grew up after we moved out from my birth town. I can’t even afford to type the name of my birth town because of too much hurt it our family had experienced recently.

Anyway, let this post be a happy one and I’ll drop the dark emotions to somewhere else, shall we?😘

This photo was taken when we first arrived to my hometown in Naga. We ordered what we call as Tuslob Buwa for the very first and it was super yummy. Simple family dinners like this, is what I’ve been missing a lot. I love the barbecue, halohalo, rice puso and the list continues . OMG, I miss our local food.😝

I got the chance to visit few of my friends back home, too.

My closest high school friends, Shana and Kriz. What’s amazing with true friends is that you may not be talking for a while due to distance but the moment you see each other, it’s as if nothing has changed, you’re still friends.🥹

Our town plaza has been immensely aesthetically improved.There’s always something new every time we visit there. It feels great wearing thin clothes without the worry of bringing any thick coat in case the weather changes. It’s always summer in the Philippines.☺️(apart from storm or rainy weather)

After visiting our town plaza, we went to visit our house were I grew up in Cebu. My parents’ are always on the move to do renovations with it. The feeling of being at home is the best. My room with the bright red bedsheet (Mama’s fave color). Expect bright colored house with Mama’s choice of shade. She loves the summer vibe, all vibrant and full of bright flowers.😅

My sister’s and my graduation photo are my parents pride and honour. They love them to be displayed in our living room to let everyone know how proud they are to what we’ve become. We love you both Papa and Mama.🥰

The kitchen is calmer because I requested it to be painted with white. Glad she agreed or else we will be having a pink or yellow kitchen.(LOL)😅

My collections of rag dolls. Mama kept all of them tidy and safe because she knew how much I love these dolls.😍

She’s my fave among the rest. Meet Chimita.

Warning, the next post might make you hungry or puke.So read at your own risk.😂

My top food I’ve missed is the BALUT. Akyn can finish two or three in one sitting. He loves it.😘

All streetfood Filipino style barbecue is a must yo try.

My sister likes this Korean spicy stick rice cake.

His request for halo halo dessert granted.

Takoyaki box of 12. I can eat this everyday without complaining.

Batchoy soup perfect for rainy weather but I will still order them even when the temperature is scorching hot.🥰

Siomai with spicy garlic sauce on top. Who can say no to this?

Fresh lumpia is a perfect food for those who wanted to go on a diet meal.

Coconut Macaroons

🍣 Sushi is the best snack for me. Also, as you can see in my fridge with all the UK magnets I brought home to remind me of the places I’ve been to.

Taho in the morning.

Dunkin Doughnuts my fave doughnut brand.

The happiest vacation is to be with my family again. Completely happy of being together.😘😍🥰🤩

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