Pillow Souvenir

I promised in my previous blog topic (My Personal Tarpaulin Maker) that I will be posting a separate post regarding our Akyn’s birthday souvenir. So, here it is. We had several ideas on what to use like mugs, key chains, fridge magnets, etc. There are so many options leaving me confused to decide which one to choose.

During our Akyn’s Christening we had a do-it-your own teddy bear made of bath towels. The souvenirs perfectly matched with our brown Teddy Bear theme. The tags were also made by Mon. A project made with love for baby Akyn.

For his first birthday, I didn’t have any plans of giving out souvenirs but my sister insisted to give one for the guests. We came up with a ready made wooden fan of different shades representing Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.


This time, I want to be able to add a personal touch on it while still getting a presentable end product as tokens for our guests. I chose the photo for Akyn and Mon did the Photoshop in looking for a nice Toy Story background. Viola! We came up with this design. Lovely, isn’t it?


Gift Haven was our supplier for the pillows. Please click the link here to view their FB account. They can design your souvenirs depending on the theme, if for example you don’t know how to create your own layout. Hassle-free, right?

What I also like about them is their customer service. My original order was a smaller size but I had received the next bigger size available due to some miscommunication issues with their printing partner and the owner. We were expecting to pay additional fees though we know it wasn’t our fault. The owner took ownership of what happened. She advised us not to shoulder any cost anymore. Professionalism at its finest. I’ll definitely get your service again for future parties. ☺

Take a peek with Akyn’s pillows.☺




I told Mon to take a photo of it in different angles to let my readers see it clearly.


One task off my party list. Yey! I’ll post about our pre-birthday shoot too for me to share some tips on how to spend less with excellent photos. I’ll find time  to keep  you all posted.

Have a happy holidays.



  1. Wow the pillows are so cute. We used a personalized mug as souvenirs during my daughter’s second birthday. It’s really going to make us excited preparing for our babies special day. Advance happy birthday to Akyn

    1. Thank you. It’s only a few days before Akyn’s birthday and I’m already panicking what else I may have missed. Hahaha.☺

  2. Those are lovely ideas for a gift souvenirs. Surely your guests would love getting it with Akyn’s adorable photo printed on them.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad you loved them.♥

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