Refusal To Receive Someone’s Trash

Aside from the fact that I was only granted with one day off which made me felt like I really didn’t have any rest day for the week, I also felt exhausted with this week’s task of finishing my required documents during my day off. Still thankful because I’m one step closer to my dream.

I brought my son with me while doing all my errands. If you have a clingy baby who will always look for your presence when it’s your rest day, you will be left with no option but to bring your child with you to avoid someone wailing the entire day at home. See, that’s how clingy my toddler is! Another thing is that he likes being carried in doing long walks. Good luck to my knees!

It was like an exercise for me walking around Cebu City while carrying my toddler. Surely I had burnt some calories and at the same time, suffered  muscle pains the following day Mommas. Is this a sign of aging? I beg to disagree. Well, duh, it’s  the fruit of hard work(wink). ☺

Everything went smoothly while processing my documents except for one instance when I encountered a not so nice old foreigner man who bluntly said to my face “FU** TO YOU”.

How will you react if someone will do that straight to your beautiful face?

It was my first time receiving such a nasty statement from someone. Goodness gracious! I was next in line with him in requesting for a clearance from one of the local government agency. He was supposed to exit on the opposite way when his turn was done. Instead of going  to the opposite direction, he went to where I was standing while I was carrying my child having a discussion with  my appointment with the teller.

Is the statement “EXCUSE ME” too difficult to say compared to cursing someone right away?

I really felt my ears started to feel warm and perhaps my face might have turned red when I heard him. He glared at me like he was ready to eat me alive… Well, I stared at him back but relax guys, I didn’t eat him. hahaha I looked at him as if he never existed in front me (poker face), allowed him to pass through and ignored his existence on EARTH.

Caught him using my peripheral vision still madly looking at me with his pouting lips. I got no intention to accept his emotional garbage of anger towards me. I said to myself, ”I was too beautiful for you to use me as your dumping victim for your accumulated garbage inside you.”

I’m proud of myself for controlling my own response towards his rudeness. Honestly, I was tempted to retaliate. If I could only remove my shoes and hit him hard on his skull to put his manners back in but I can’t just do that. I’m not his mother to discipline him.

Ignoring him had allowed me to gain more benefit than counterattacking him. Why? First, My child is with me. I never wanted him to see me  engaging in fights with someone else in front of my toddler. As much as possible, I would love to be his role model for him not to end up just like that tactless old man. Second, people mostly have camera phones today and one mistake done in public can easily spread through the web. I have no plans of becoming an internet sensation because of having a boxing fight with an elderly man. (eyes rolled). Third, I didn’t like to put myself in an awkward moment with my nose bleeding because I am running out of words to tell him how much I wanted to scratch his face with my claws (rawr). ☺This is one of the reasons why I blog because I can express more in writing than talking. I easily get overwhelmed with my sentiments making me loose my voice in expressing my feelings. If I am at the height of my emotions, most often than not, I’ll end up crying. I am continuously working on it though.

My appointments were all successful even though the ill-mannered stranger made it a little bit unpleasant.

And before the day ended, had my child haircut done. Bruno’s Barber never failed to impress me with their outstanding service. They definitely know how to entertain their little customers.♥


My lucky charm♥


Location: 2nd Floor North Wing, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

Contact #:268 9087




  1. OMG! hahaha If I will be in your position my friend I could have make a scene. You don’t deserve the treatment from him. You could have file a Police Report about what happened.

    1. hahaha.. Thank you for the support friend…..Ipasa Diyos ko na lang siya.☺ Si Lord na Bahala sa mouth niya.

  2. You got one adorable baby. Good that you managed to control your emotions when confronted with a not so nice stranger. That wasn’t easy thing to do in keeping your cool. Not everyone can do that or is even willing to do that.

    1. Right! I gave my 100 percent effort not to fight back when I was in the height of my emotions. My child helped me a lot not to stoop down to his level of anger. Thanks for reading.☺

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