Socializing My Toddler

Mon and I planned it a week ago we will bring Akyn to a playhouse in one of the Malls in Cebu for the first time, for him to see the other kids playing. We wanted him to increase his social skills since he spends most of his time at home playing alone and seldom sees other children. Akyn is still a year and 3 months old with social skills which are not yet developed. When we brought him to the play house, he tended to engage mostly in a Parallel play. He played next to the other children without much interaction and even if he wanted to mingle with them, he lacked the social skills to do so. Perhaps, the socializing task are just too complicated for Akyn’s developing brain. That’s understandable for toddlers aging 18-36 months in which Akyn’s age falls under the same age group. Our role then as his parents, is to promote opportunities to help Akyn learn to interact and play with his peers. Arranging a play date is one of the possible ways we can encourage Akyn to socialize.

Please say hi to Akyn’s pair of sunglasses little man of mine ♥♥♥

The entrance Fee for SM Cebu Bibo Playhouse costs Php 150.00 during weekdays and Php 170.00 during weekends or Holidays for an hour of play. A Bibo card needs to be swiped to the cashier for the entrance fee payment. A guardian must accompany the child aging 3 years and below with a signed waiver as well. They provided a free pair of socks for Mon before entering the playhouse. I am not sure if kids would still have a free pair of  socks too (Akyn was wearing socks before entering the playpen).

Sharing you some of the pictures that we had last Saturday.



I saw how Akyn enjoyed playing from one play area to the next available play area. He was laughing with his Dad who were both sweating from running and jumping around. He wasn’t just practicing on how to socialize but also improving his motor skills by being physically active. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. Fantastic, isn’t it?




I love seeing them smile.

Akyn loves to play with these plastic balls at home. I bought him 30 pieces of these balls last December, and when he saw hundreds of these colorful balls available for him to play last Saturday, he was just ecstatic to play with them.



Look on how tired Akyn was after playing. We bought some groceries before heading home. He didn’t even bother looking around and instead rested his head on this cute yellow stuff toy.


What a Saturday well-spent with my boys! ♥




  1. It looks like you all had a lovely day. My little girl loves soft play centres too. So much fun for little ones

    1. Oh thanks for reading Mummy’s Monkey . Hope you had a lovely day as well with your little princess. ???

  2. It looks like you all had a great day!! What a neat place to play! My daughter’s social skills definitely developed over time, I had her around children atleast once-twice a week and eventually she acquired the social skills that she now uses every day. Great pictures- you have one handsome little man!

    1. Oh Thank you Emily.Much appreciated for dropping by♥

  3. Ooh all the way in The Philippines ! Nice! It sounds like he had a blast, which is all that matters. They grow all too quickly and learn all too fast. It seems like more social interactions will eventually have him using skills he needs to be able to accomplish all his milestones as he gets older.

    1. Thanks for reading Marsmanlangit♥

  4. Great post! We love to get out and play!

    1. Thanks Devon. A great bonding activity with our kiddos. Have a nice week ahead. ♥

  5. Your Akyn is so adorable! I love the picture of him resting on his stuffed animal in the shopping cart. Looks like your fun day out really tired him out!

    1. Thanks Anne. He had used all his energy playing for the first time inside a play centre. ???

  6. Looks like your little one had a great time. My baby loves soft playarea too.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Love,Life & the little one. ♥♥♥

  7. Looks like ya’ll had a good time!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jasmine♥

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