The Sweetest

How are you pretty mommas? I hope you’re all doing great today. I seldom publish a post in akynfullhouse. It takes about a week before a new entry is available because I’m taking my free time spent with my Mon and Akyn. When you’re anticipating of being away from your family due to some work demands, you’ll really drop almost everything in your schedule just to be with them.

I can do this! That’s how I convince myself to be tough once I’ll be part of what they call as LDR (long distance relationship). =(

I brought my toddler with me strolling around the Ayala Mall last Friday while waiting for Mon’s time off from work. I’m enjoying my experience in doing shopping when I’m with my three year old boy. He’s like my little talkative friend who can’t stop talking for a minute. Unlike when he was younger, he was a silent peanut demanding to be carried by me always. No talking, no active interaction, just an alternate of feeding and sleeping session. That’s kind of boring compared to him being a toddler now.

Do you have the same experience with me? The more our child grows, the deeper our relationship is becoming. I’m going to miss his nonstop talking baby mood.

So what made us busy while waiting for Mon? An idle time means a photo shoot for Akyn. These shots were all Akyn’s ideas.

I want to sit touching the ground Mie(mommy).


Look away pose please


My forever love


When Mon finally came, he was carrying a bouquet of flowers for me. Aww! My first question was, “What’s the date today?” I may have missed an important occasion again. February eight, I coulnd’t think of anything special.

“I’m not certain if we will be spending our Valentine’s day together.” “I might as well celebrate it with you in advance.” Mon answered my curiousity about the giving of flowers.😘

How thoughtful. I’ve never expected him to get the initiative of celebrating heart’s day ahead of everyone. Thank you.

One funny story about his bouquet of flower surprise was he thought we were still in Jollibee waiting for him. He went straight to the fastfood restaurant and upon entering, all eyes were pinned towards him. If you can read people’s mind they might be wondering Mon was a loyal suitor trying to look for his girlfriend. Lol😁

These flowers are so lovely to attract attention. Wouldn’t you agree with that?

The hardest part of working far from home is being away from your LIFE. This journey won’t be an easy path, I know. I trust God will be with me everday.

Let’s have courage in whatever struggles we encounter. 🙏

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