Third Birthday Best Shots

I received Akyn’s photos on his third birthday celebration weeks ago and still haven’t posted them all in my Facebook account. Since I started creating this blog, I prefer to post those memorable photos here than in my social media. Why? Because I just don’t feel like sharing it. Duh! Lol.☺

Seriously, the main reason why I love posting them in Akynfullhouse for the fact that I can express more details about the pictures here. I can go detail by detail on what’s the story behind the shots. Isn’t that a better way of letting the viewers know a little part of your story. You’ll never know your readers may learn something from it.

For today’s post, I’ll be showing you some of Akyn’s best shots during his birthday. I’m very grateful to our friend as our official photographer, Michael Domen for doing a fantastic job in capturing special events like this. He’s our photographer in every Akyn’s important parties such as Akyn’s Christening, first birthday party and up until Akyn’s recent third birthday. Your work of art is impressive Mike. Thank you.☺

I so love the solo photos of my toddler. As you can see the background looked like some ancient walls giving a classic look on the output. You’ll be amazed if I tell you that the background was simply the church wall near the Parish Pastoral Hall of Naga City. Nothing extraordinary! Amazing how it looked so good in photos.


Akyn 26 December 30, 2018

I had him worn his favorite Woody costume for the event.

Akyn 40 December 30, 2018


Akyn 35 December 30, 2018

With Buzz Lightyear

Akyn 21 December 30, 2018

Akyn 23 December 30, 2018

With our dear guests. We had them pose for a photo per table to make it more organize. Thank you guys for coming.

Akyn 250 December 30, 2018

Akyn 249 December 30, 2018
My sister’s future In-laws and close friends
Akyn 247 December 30, 2018
My CCMC-CN College Friends
Akyn 245 December 30, 2018
My JP Morgan Workmates/friends
Akyn 243 December 30, 2018
My JP Morgan Workmates/friends
Akyn 240 December 30, 2018
Shane with family( left Side) together with Shanna and Hubby (right side)
Akyn 216 December 30, 2018
Thank you so much for being with us

What I love most with Mike’s photos were those stolen shots showing the candid expressions of the photo subjects.

Akyn 46 December 30, 2018
Akyn with my Highschool friend Shanna
Akyn 48 December 30, 2018
With Yancy, her Godmother

Keada obviously wasn’t feeling well on this photo. Thank you Edz for still giving us your precious time.

Akyn 50 December 30, 2018

Akyn 47 December 30, 2018

Our event can never be as happy as this without those kind hearted soul behind the preparations and to all the guest who never hesitated to travel quite a distance just to be with us.

Thank you from Akynfullhouse.☺


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