Three Years of Happiness-Akyn’s 3rd Birthday

Today, marks the third year of an overflowing joy of having Akyn. Happy birthday baby. He is not just a fruit of our union. He’s an answered prayer for our marriage. If you’ve read from my first few posts when I started this blog site, you might as well already knew I had a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. It was devastating. A pain in which a mother would find it difficult to endure.

I prayed and prayed hard to survive that ordeal. Never did I loose hope of conceiving again despite having to go through with such painful event. God didn’t forsake me during my sufferings and  granted my prayers. Akyn came after three months of waiting. He didn’t let me wait for that long.♥ Thank you Lord!

The moment I knew I’m carrying him in my womb, my excitement was so intense. It felt like the whole universe was on my side favoring me. I could clearly remember every week I would check it online to see Akyn’s development inside my womb basing on his gestational age.

When will he develop his sense of hearing?

When will I know exactly my little one’s gender?

When will I start feeling him kicking inside?

Those were my questions every month during our journey together baby. Dad and Mum were both elated waiting for your arrival. The moment we’ve been waiting for came last December 30th of 2015. Our lives changed when we had you. It became more colorful with our pure source of joy. And now, after three years of being with you, the time seemed to move so fast. I can’t believe it! You’re getting more adorable as you grow. Your cheerfulness and every chuckle we get to hear from you can turn our tired day into a happy one.

From a sleepy head infant, you’re now turning into a fully mobile toddler exercising independence in learning how to master skills in life. “Baby lang open,” he says this every time he opens  the bottle to drink. “Baby lang eat,” when he wanted to eat alone. “Baby lang off lights,” his routine to  turn of the lights before sleeping. It amazes me how you do things on your own.

You’ve obviously way passed your infancy stage, however, deep inside we knew you still wanted to be the only baby at home. How did we know it? You consistently ask for an affirmation to question on who’s the baby of Daddy and Mommy when you see another baby whether on TV, in books or elsewhere.

“Where’s the baby?”

“Oh, that’s the baby,” pointing to another child to tease him.

“NO, this is the baby,” with his finger touching his cheeks.

We get it that you aren’t ready to have anyone else yet to be the center of our attention. We will patiently wait until you’re ready to become an older brother someday. For now, we wanted to enjoy being a family of three on your special day.

Dad and Mum wanted nothing but for you to remain healthy and as jolly as you are now. We love you so much akynbokynkyn.





  1. Happy birthday Akyn .

    1. Thank you Demz for helping us out. We appreciate it very much. Happy New Year. 😍

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