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It’s a sunny Saturday and I’m on a rest day. How nice is that? Once in a blue moon when I’m off on a weekend. Yay, celebrating those little moments of happiness pretty Mommas of enjoying life away from the hospital stress work-related. LOL.

This is me taking a selfie while doing thrift shopping for home decorations.

Yesterday was the last day of school before the spring break of my boy. They did a photoshoot taking with his Dad just before heading to school. I can really tell now Akyn is a 100% the same photo addict like me who would always request for a photo.

Hi to my most handsome little gentleman.

I’m so proud to share his award for this term received. He excitedly showed me his certificate when I went home from my duty. “Mommie, I got an award from my teacher today!”I’m praying he will continue his enthusiasm to learn more in school. ❤️

Apart from sharing all my Akyn’s updates, I also wanted to share another thrift flip activity I did for this week. Yes, I’m so thrilled to show you how donated decor turned into an expensive looking one.

First project is this brown ceramic vase. It cost five pounds. A bit pricey but I so love the details of its handle and the round shape as well. It has some white scatches on it and obviously signs of wear and tear. This is how it originally looked.

Used my first choice of chalk paint by Rust-oleum. Did two coats for this one.

And because I wanted to achieve a rustic vibe, did dry brush a chocolate brown acrylic paint then added my greens to complete the look. I didn’t follow any specific technique in applying the chocolate brown paint. Simply used a free flow hand painting.

Next on the list is this flowery white creamer jug. I’m not into this glossy ceramic finish for now and with the bright colors on it, it’s a uh no for me. It may look cute for other’s taste though.

I’ve seen some crafty videos using paperclay and using it to where stamp shall be pressed against it to leave the desired print. Make sure to sand the stamp to condition it before pressing it hard to the paperclay.

And tadaaannn the plain creamer jug is now a vintage beauty. Painted it with chalk white then added Johnstones woodstain Country walnut.

Third on the list are these colorful spring bird figurines. The birds and the flowery wreaths are becoming so popular decorations for Farmhouse vibe. They are absolutely adorable and affordable, too.

Painted them white and a little touch of brown as it’s easier to match them with any decor.

Another vase on the list with bright yellow green color on the leaves. I don’t like the shade but I love how the flowers and the leaves are embossed. I can always change the paint if I’d love to.

So here’s my thrift flip to this. With some faux fern on it to complete. I am so happy with my output like literally excited to do more of this.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I still got two more projects to share. This plain looking wooden piece looked so boring, don’t you think?

Instead of painting it white, I used my woodstain to add more character to the wood and viola. Look how pretty it looked now. Did use the painted white bird and some greens to make it more amazing.

The last but not the least is this vintage wooden wall letter or key holders. It looked so dated for me that I really wanted to do some make over to it plus the scratches all over it.

You’ll never believed it has become and expensive farm house decor now! Paint plus woodstain made the difference.

This kind of hobby is quite therapeutic for me that I would even forget about the time when I am doing my DIY projects at home. Hope this will inspire you Mommas to unlock your creative potentials as well.

Nice morning.


  1. Wow, these all look so amazing. Great job!

    1. Thank you.♥

  2. Great job, and congratulations to your son for receiving an award.
    Those are beautiful pieces of stuff, and I am loving them.

    1. Thank you. ❤️

  3. These are all beautiful pieces. Love them all!

    1. Many thanks. ❤️

  4. each one turned out so beautiful!! and your son is certainly a handsome young boy – congratulations on his award..

    1. Awww Thank you Dearest. ❤️

  5. You did an amazing job with all these transformations.

    1. Thank you Dear ❤️

  6. You really came up with some creative ideas for these pieces! I have been refinishing furniture. It is amazing how much you can change something!

    1. It’s both economical and nature friendly too in recycling stuff. ❤️

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