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I’ve finished watching one full sixteen episodes Koreanovela series in my two days off. How crazy is that? I love watching them but every time I watch these Korean celebrities I always end up feeling too ugly with how I look. (LOL)They just look so perfect like you can’t even see any visible pores in their faces with perfect petite body Asian structure. I wonder how much sacrifice they need to undertake to achieve such beautiful figures. Nah, never mind! I’m completely happy with me being free to eat whatever I want.

I’m trying to search for another series to view with my favorite Korean celebrity Cha Eun woo as the leading cast this coming rest day.

Anyway, how’s the busy Momma this week? Had to pick up my Akyn from school then did our routine thrift shopping escapade which will be my blog post thrifted haul for today.

This is me preparing myself for a date with my little one. Let’s always start the day with being pretty to attract good vibes. 🤣

Hoodie from HM. Earrings: Select Accessories UK

Went first to shop some clothes for the two of us. I don’t normally shop for Mon when he’s not around because he’s a bit picky when it comes to clothes. I’d rather let him choose than me buying it and would end up not being used at all. Do you also shop for your husband or you’ve opted to shop with them so they can buy what they really wanted?

A date can’t be complete without a little bit of sweetness. Ice cream from Baskin Robbins was definitely delightful.

And of course his favorite bubble gum flavored blue slushy.

So here’s my thrifted decor haul pretty Mommas. A 50p snake and ladder board game. I used to play this back home and seeing this made me so happy to play it again. The plastic seals are all still intact and looked like it wasn’t used and just got donated for some reasons.

This wooden bowl is quite a steal. Bought it for 3 items for a pound. It only needs a little wooden stain make over to cover up signs of usage. Sorry for the messy background. All our stuff are all over the place as we are in the process of moving house. Crossing fingers it will happen anytime soon.

A white creamer is something I’m going to add to my white collection. Too cute for me to pass.

These three little tea plates are pretty but I was a bit disappointed when I checked them at home because two of which has some chipped at the back. I can still use them as plant pot plates for my succulents instead.

and the last but not the least is my white vase with pink roses embossed. I can’t believe I got it for around 30p. The lamp is also thrifted but that still needs flipping. I just got no time to do it yet. Maybe when we can finally settle down to our new home, I will give it a little makeover.

To wrap up our busy yet fun filled day, we did have our favorite snack, strawberries with Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

To all Mommas who are also into thrift flipping projects, I can surely relate to the overwhelming happiness in every thrift shopping experience. I’m looking forward to do more projects in the future of turning trashes to treasures. Who knows as to where this hobby is going to take me!

Mich ❤

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