Visa Approved

Finally my most dreaded day of having my tooth extraction was done yesterday although I’m still feeling sore with my gums and my soft diet regime continues for the next two days.😩 It’s always a long wait here to get a slot to see the dentist due to the pandemic. Covid 19 had tremendously affected almost everything in our lives normality. We should be thankful we are still here amidst the cruelty of the virus. 🙏

As with my previous post, I did mention about an important appointment we had to attend when we went to Leeds. I tried to hold off my fingers from writing it here in my blog not until the positive result was released. Last Monday, UKVI finally sent me an email confirming our visa extension to stay here has been granted. So glad our effort and money didn’t come to waste in preparing our application. It was a do it your own way with no agency to guide us on which document to upload. Prayers always make things possible for us. I had to read through each page on the website more than five times to make sure I am not missing anything with Mon double checking it for me. Another Grace from Heaven has been bestowed upon our family before this year ends. 😍

Our lucky charm. ❤️

It’s a nice start for our morning to share some good news full of positivity and gratefulness to inspire my readers to do the same, I hope.

Here are some of our fun-filled photos in Leeds. Who can miss getting a nice photo while on train excited to arrived to our appointment.

Our scheduled time was still at two in the afternoon but we arrived in the morning so we could have enough time to stroll around the city. We had to walk first from the train station going to the building stated on the booking site for us to familiarized the path once our alloted time is near. It took us about 10 minutes to get there.

Photoshoot on the way.

We had our lunch in Editor’s Draught in Leeds as one of the nearest eating place from our appointment.

I have my own set of favorite food and drink shop in Leeds. My first on the list would be of course Jollibee. I can’t leave the restaurant without a take away chicken bucket meal order. Their fried chicken is my favorite in the world.

Next is our Milktea addiction with my Akyn from Chatime.

And my new addition to my list is Mr. Pretzels. Akyn loves the cinnamon flavor while I also like the Nutella one.

We hopped in to every shopping boutique in Trinity Square to make use of our free time.

Hollister was on crazy sale as well. I love their jumpers. My peanut used his own initiative to find a good spot to sit while moaning about his tired feet.

There were few interesting bits for home decors in HM home but I think my winter decor is already enough for this season. Maybe in spring I’ll think about shopping again for our house.

Another good news is the newly opened Leeds Miniso. So many plushies and cute stuff for those obsessed with the Japan inspired cuteness overload.

We ended up the night with the feeling of having accomplished all our tasks for the day.

The visa approval is the next chapter of our UK life. To God be the glory. 🙏

Snowy morning to all.

Mich. 🌹

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