A Good Father

How can someone be considered as a “Good Father” to his child? Are there any specific qualifications needed to be met before a man can claim to be called as a responsible daddy. If you’ll search it in google, it will provide us a long list of answers. It’s kind of hard to define it using the different ideal characteristics of a perfect dad. What if one of the qualities we’re looking for isn’t possessed by our husband? Will that mean he won’t qualify to have such honor?

I simply define a “Good Father” as someone who purely loves his child. All the good features will follow if a man can give his unconditional affection to his father-and child-relationship. The all-out love of a father will be his main driver to consider every actions for the benefit of his family, not just for himself. No need to remind him on what to do, what to prioritize or even sacrifice.

Being a father is not just merely being a sperm donor! Gosh, what kind of thinking is that? (eyes rolled) This famous quote that says,” Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad,” perfectly nailed what am I tying to say. Becoming  part of the procreation process isn’t just the only obligation of a man. Once the child is born, the responsibility continues even if the child will reach adulthood.

Not that easy to be the head of the family, is it?

When Akyn came into our lives, Mon’s fatherly skills were put into test. I didn’t expect him to be perfect but he amazingly exceeded my expectations for his abilities as a first time daddy.


 I am always proud of the kind of daddy you are to our baby boy… Remember that!


One of the most unforgettable challenge we had experienced was during the first three months of Akyn’s infancy stage. The sleepless night with the collection of dark circles around our eyes. Many parents can relate to how tedious this stage is.

There was one instance when Mon was assigned to look for Akyn for the night. When our baby cried around three in the morning, he right away got up in bed… still groggy. Picked up the pillow from the crib and started swaying it as if he was trying to calm a crying child. When he was on his right state of consciousness and realized Akyn was still crying inside the crib, he awkwardly went back to bed, covered his face with a pillow and told me to put Akyn back to sleep because he was still drowsy. Lol. Was he really sleepy or was he rather embarrassed with his actions?

Lack of sleep can actually makes you do weird stuff.☺

The following week, the same routine for him to attend to Akyn’s needs. We made it sure the crib was placed as closed as possible to our bed for easier way for us to reach our infant if he needed anything. When Akyn cried, Mon’s automatic response was to gently pat the bum to put him back to sleep. It woke me up when someone was patting my beautiful behind while singing the lullaby. I nudged him to bring his sanity again to touch the correct BOTTOM. That was how tired he was to loose the concentration of his actions.

Those funny yet sentimental memories of being a dad surviving wakeful nights reminded me on how determined he was to become a dutiful father to our boy. I am fully aware he still got lots of areas to improve on but those abilities can still be enhanced. As long as he has the willingness to learn with a heart of a loving dad, then it’s going to be a no-brainer path for him towards his goal of maintaining the character of a GOOD FATHER.


Good Night♥


  1. Father figure has an important role in a child’s life. He’s going to be the source of strength of the family and to whom his children will look up to. You got a hardworking spouse with you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I felt blessed to have found him.♥

  2. Blessed are those men who values their responsibilities as a good father. They deserve to be recognized with respect the way they serve as a model to their children.

    1. Thank you.☺

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