Adulting Why So Challenging

When I was in grade school, I could clearly remember how much I was eager to reach High school. Kept on complaining about the huge trolley bags with all the books required everyday. I mean, I was just a kid! Why is my bag bigger than my size? It was like a never-ending fix study time. High School looked so cool for me way back then. They got smaller sized bags. I felt it interesting in transferring rooms for every subject which we seldom encounter in grade school.

Finally reached High school and experienced all those changes in the school policies. Teen years where you can both act like a child and be lady like. How awesome! Enjoyed much of the experiences of being a teenager in High school but then I felt impatient to enroll myself to College.

College where there was no more Flag Ceremonies, lots of options to choose what subject you want to get and the most exciting part was traveling away from home. It means more adventures to come. Little did I know, College wasn’t that easy breezy as I expected. Pressure was too much in maintaining an average grade for me to maintain my scholarship. I availed for a scholarship requiring a bit higher average score  to save my parents from spending huge sum for my tuition. Pressures, burned-out from too much studying required and all the cost just for me to graduate were all draining. “When will this end?” I said to myself itching to graduate to find a good paying job someday.

Now, being part of the working class they also coined as the Adulting stage is much more difficult compared to all those seasons I’ve gone thru. You have most of the freedom to decide for yourself but it bears a great responsibility too. So many decisions to make, considerations to contemplate that may affect our retiring years. LIFE is not easy.

Looking back through all those years, I’ve realized how relaxed was my life as a child only thinking about play and school. Unlike us, adults, we got so many things to accommodate to our workaholic brains. Lol.☺

I made my own bucket list for this Adulting Stage Phenomenon. So, during my retiring age, I won’t regret how I spent my adult years.

Have my own place-Many would say,” I plan to settle to a house if it fits my dream house specification!” What if the million dime will still take many years for you to achieve it. Will you continue to rent and let your landlords enjoy your rental payment? Why not spend it for a house mortgage. Anyway, you can sell the house for Assumption  if in case you’ll finally be ready to build your dream house. You can still get your money back compared to renting. Isn’t that practical enough?

Save for the Rainy Days- We will never know when an emergency will arise. We can’t assume who will be there to help us during those difficult times. Before we’ll depend on others for help, let’s make sure we can help ourselves first. Let’s set some priorities of our expenses. “Spending is good but Saving is better.☺

♥Invest– I’m an old soul born from a millennial generation. I always think of what’s in it for me during my 60’s,70’s, 80’s or 100’s maybe if God will allow me to stay for that long. As early as now, I had already planned for my retirement benefits. My husband and I availed one of the Health/Life insurance offered and recently paid it in full. Thanks God! I won’t be part of the working class forever. That’s a fact. Who would want to work when your old body is telling you to slow down? As much as possible, I want to age gracefully enjoying the view of the sunset. So relaxing, isn’t it?

♥ Spend more time with my child- I am a busy working Momma, I know that. Going to work and being away from my child leaves me a pangs of guilt. But you know what, I can still manage my time allocating it for Akyn alone after all my work responsibilities. I drop some of my schedules which I can sacrifice and choose to be home early. Time management at its best!

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♥Building a healthy relationship with people I care- Resolving conflicts early within our family helps us to maintain a healthy relationship. I don’t want to grow old carrying ill-feelings because of an unsettled dispute with my loved ones. Also, I stay away from people whom I think don’t sincerely care about me and only creates negative vibes when I’m with them. Life is too short to dwell on someone who’ll continue to hurt you. I care less to those who are mean but I care more to those who genuinely love me.


Being an adult can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. It’s a matter of balancing decisions. We’re old enough to set our priorities to know how to maneuver our destiny. What are your Adulting bucket list too?

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  1. With great power comes great responsibility-**Spiderman. As adults we now have lots of power to control what we wanted but we need to keep in mind every decision bears a consequence. Love the list you have in there. In your own little way, you can influence people to think about their future.

    1. Appreciate the time for dropping your comments. Thank you☺

  2. The earlier we think about what’s going to happen to our future, the better. We will never know what kind of life is waiting for us. It’s wise enough to save up to support ourselves when our bodies are no longer that strong to work.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Thanks for pointing it out.

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