For The Broken Hearted

“Mich, have you tried being broken hearted?” A question that totally caught my attention when a colleague of mine asked me this morning. I answered her question with a direct yes. It’s been a while, I should say when I had my heart broken before my path crossed with my husband. It’s a devastating pain which most of us can relate to, not unless you’re love story is as perfect as compared to a fairytale love.

Being engaged in a romantic love is one of the sweetest feeling and can be incredibly mystical especially during the very first stage of the relationship. However, if the depth of the passion of emotions is not reciprocated, it may result to an inconsolable feeling where sadness is so consuming enough to leave someone seem helpless.

“How to mend a broken heart?” This question sounds familiar, right? To be honest with you, this was my question when my heart was crushed into pieces? I was hoping for a scientific methodology on how fast someone can get over such a painful event. As time passed, I’ve discovered it from my own raw experience on how to recuperate from getting hurt. How did I manage to do that? I simply learned to love myself more than anyone else first and everything follows.

When someone says, ”Love Yourself,” it doesn’t mean being selfish. It means freeing yourself from pain by giving more attention to your own needs. Your needs to be pain free, your needs to be happy. Give yourself a break from the previous toxic series of draining emotions. Divert your attention to happy thoughts and break the cycle of pain causing memories. Be gentle to yourself and don’t put all the blame in you for not having your relationship last.

Song of Solomon 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, yes, I’ve gone through that too. But the more you exert your effort to break the habit of feeling the misery, the easier you’ll be able to handle the pain.

When handling the grief is quite difficult to face alone, try to reach out to your family and friends. Discuss with them how you feel and ask for their pieces of advice if you need it. They are there to support us. Don’t be scared to ask help especially if the suffering is getting disabling to your daily routine. You’ll learn to value more the closeness of your family when your at your lowest.

Although, the pain brought by a failed relationship is somewhat terribly awful, I would never wished to spare myself from getting exposed to it. Why? The experience humbled me and taught me many lessons. It allowed me to value myself better and showed me more reasons to appreciate my life.





  1. Pain molds us to be stronger than before. Lessons learned after the break up will help us to manage our emotions by the moment will have to endure the same negative circumstance again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    1. You exactly got my points. We can’t be what we are without our past. Thank you as well for reading.

  2. Nice piece of thought.

    1. Thank you.♥

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