Happy A Year Anniversary UK Home

This photo below is a year old as of today. We took this shot exactly the date when we moved in, the twenty third of July, our blissful summer. In the middle of packing and moving stuff from our rented place to our permanent home, we took this moment to smile, appreciate the biggest gift bestowed upon us and pose for a memorable picture to treasure forever. Who would have thought this blessing would come early? As a new immigrant from this country, we felt everything was moving so fast in its most beautiful way. I’ve got my family to be with me after a year, Mon got his dream job, we moved in to our own home, Mon got his license to drive then we bought our first family car and more to come, I believe. I honestly can’t imagine these good things were given to us. We aren’t that perfect follower of Christ. We aren’t like Godly human creatures. We are just ordinary humans struggling to be of good use to this world. It makes me emotional when I’m starting to count our blessings because you know why? Because I think I am not worthy enough for all thy gifts. Still Thy Heavens continue to bless us in His own surprising manner.

Thank you Dearest Lord for all that we have.

We did loads of changes to our home. I’ll share the photos credit to Zoopla of the before state when we first came in and how it is now. We did each beautification room by room so as not to overwhelm us with so many things to get done and due to financial reasons as well. For every goal, we do little steps at a time and we’ll get there eventually.

Our empty entry way is made more welcoming than before.

I’ve added our shoe cabinet from eBay with my thrifted decors on top. Decorations need not be always expensive. Some gems can be found in other’s trashes turned into our treasures with a little touch of one’s creativity. ❤️

Our living room with a yellow green wall as its focal point. The old owner’s fave color I suppose were red, pink and yellow green.

This is our current vibe for the living room. Made it more brighter for the little space and decorations matching my chosen style.

The kitchen/dining area. I’m loving the shades of farmhouse kind of darker yellow green tone on this area, so I didn’t repaint it.

My hutch to display all the decorative plates is a dream come true for this Momma.

We’ve added few pieces of furniture and made sure I got my coffee nook somewhere in the kitchen. I can’t live without coffee in the morning especially during morning shifts.

The used to be empty space beside the fridge is now finally done. My furniture is either thrifted or ordered from eBay with free delivery. This kitchen cupboard came from eBay.

Our all white upstair toilet.

We uniformly changed all our light fixtures in the house. I chose all retro hanging lamp design and all of it were ordered from eBay.

The downstair toilet with its hideous flooring.

Our floor was also done DIY. I ripped off the old flooring and used a vinyl flooring instead. It looked so much better now.

The pink bedroom turned into our master bedroom.

I changed the pink wallpaper into white wall and added a hanging wall shelf to display my decors.

The red room is now Akyn’s room.

I’ve recently added a shelf which you can see on the right corner to be Akyn’s toy shelf. I asked my boy to decide and decorate it based on his own liking. Tadaan, my six year old output in arranging his toys!

The red wall is now gone and is now painted all white with Akyn’s toy displayed.

The blue room is converted into our office room for Mon. Wasn’t able to take a photo of the entire room while Mon is working in there today. (LOL)Maybe next time.😂

Our back garden hasn’t changed except for some new plants I have.

Each corner of our little house is created with love. Happy one year anniversary little home. May we fill you with more laughters and joyful memories to come.

  1. Cute place you have! Happy 1 year!!!


    1. Thank you.

  2. Everything looks great! You have done a great job! Happy 1 year!

    1. Thank you.

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