Making The Most Of My Family Time

Every rest day, I scheduled it as a day to spend with my family especially with my toddler. I am making the most of everything while I still can, before my dreams will be fully realized which may affect my time with my loved ones.


I refrain from engaging myself to anything work related during my time off. Rest days for me, now, are meant to be enjoyed with them. I work when I am at work and I rest while being with my family when it’s my scheduled day off. I have so much in my to-do -list to finish, yes, but I still do carry my task without compromising my family time. There’s no secret on how did I accomplish my duties. It’s just about time management and commitment to follow my schedules.

Here’s how my last rest days went last week .

I brought my son to play inside a playhouse for two consecutive rest days of mine. He got so much fascination to balls. The mere sight of them already made him excited. He explored every corner of the playpen and examined each toys available. From riding a swing to moving smoothly down the colorful slides. All those fun activities satisfied his hunger to play. The joyful nursery rhymes played inside the play area added more fun to kids who loved dancing with the popular kids songs.

After spending both our energies in playing and doing some toy shopping, we ended our night with a family dinner. My husband and I, are both adventurous when it comes to food. We wanted to try another cuisine totally different from what we usually eat.

Akyn’s New Toy Collections

For the first time, we opted to try one of the Japanese Restaurants in Cebu, Sumo Sam. Together with my Mother, my toddler and my husband, we shared the meal and gratified our cravings for a Japanese way of cooking. What I love most about this restaurant aside from the food, is their excellent way of treating their customers. I could feel the warmth of willingness of the staff in making sure our requests were attended timely.

Beautiful Ambiance of the Place

All the food in their menu seemed enticing. I was having difficulty choosing on what to eat. So, we ended ordering their meal platter good for 3-4 persons. We had The Arena for Php 1399.00 only and you can have all these delicious Japanese food. Not bad for its price.


Japanese Fried Rice, Fried Gyoza, Salmon Sashimi, Chicken Yakitori, Yasait Itame, and Mixed Tempura and Oysters. These were the inclusions of the platter. Honestly, I am not  familiar to all those mentioned food inclusion, but one thing I am certainly sure, all of them are so mouthwatering dishes.


We went home with a happy heart and happy tummy.



  1. Wow. Feeling hungry now with your post Mitch 😉 I love Japanese Cuisine. I will definitely try Sumo Sam.. Thanks for posting this. Excited for your next blog ?.

    1. Thank you Yancy. You’ll definitely love not just their food, but the quality of customer service is superb.♥ Thanks for dropping your comments.

  2. I want to have dinner with you all. Can we try another cuisine too? Something we haven’t tried before? That’s going to be exciting for sure.

    1. Sure! That’s a lovely idea. Let’s have that scheduled with Papa with us as a family dinner.♥

      1. Terrific! I am looking forward for it then.

        1. ♥♥♥

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