My Birthday in Liverpool Day 1

I was contemplating on how would I celebrate my birthday few weeks ago and Mon said to me, “Celebrate it the way you wanted!” Well, that would mean another family travel is going to happen because my top likes on the list on special event is really to travel and shop with my family. I love to spend our alone time together in going to places we’ve never been to. It’s not like we don’t want our friend’s company to join with us but it’s more of a moment to remember as a family getaway. If you don’t get what I mean just say YES so we can proceed to my next blog line. LOL😂

I chose Liverpool because of it’s beautiful dock and of course, the Designer Outlet Cheshire Oaks for us to enjoy the Black Friday discounts. Giddy and excited this Momma is.

My constant photobomber smiling to make my shots more adorable to look at.

A Momma’s pose before travel be like. That’s a DIY pair of boots I did using a leather paint to achieve a chocolate brown I wanted.

Before heading to Liverpool, my boys already gave me their surprise gift. An added mood booster for my special day, a bouquet of flowers and a little of everything I wanted.😍

Our friends from Saint Charles Choir also gave me a surprise birthday card with their loveliest voice singing a birthday song for me after our Sunday mass.

Before I’ll flood my post with all our photos, let me share my learnings for my entire year to keep as I venture to another year of my existence.

I have learned to….

  1. Stand up for myself regardless of who might be in favor of my decision as long as I am fighting for the betterment of my own sake. Never be afraid to speak up against bullies. Whether they will hear me out or not but the fact that I’ve managed to break my silence is a little step towards me prioritizing my peace.
  2. Do the things that makes you happy. If you like to travel, go without the need of other’s approval. If you want to buy things for yourself, go without minding other’s judgement on how you spend your hard earned money. If you wanted to spend your alone time, go without the need of explaining to others why you don’t want to socialize. Do it for yourself.
  3. Love more, smile and say I love you more often to your family. It’s always my immediate family who will be there in different seasons of my life. I want to celebrate it with them in every way that I can and will express my love generously.
  4. Choose your crowd. The more I get older the better I am in choosing my company. Unlike during those younger years where the more friends you have, the nicer feeling it is to satisfy the need for acceptance. Now, it’s different. The fewer people I interact, the better I am in building deeper connections towards friendships. I have bestfriends living a thousand miles away from me back home and I chose to keep them forever. 😍
  5. Pamper yourself without guilt. It doesn’t mean that getting older means getting uglier. Noooooo! Aging like a fine wine should be our own motto ladies. Maintain our skin care routine regardless of a tiring day. Dress up like you will be part of the next fashion gathering in Paris. LOL. We, Mommas can still slay the world you know!

That’s all about my sharing dramas now let’s get to the photos. Here are the shots in the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. Thank you dear God for the beautiful weather given for us to enjoy this day and for us to capture some pictures to cherish forever.

After the beautiful scenery in Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool, we headed straight to check in to our hotel room. A little freshen up needed and had to leave our things in our room.

My favourite mirror selfie testing if their mirrors are good enough to show my smile. LOL😂

I am so much thankful for another blissful year given to me as I continue my journey to this world. Thank you Lord for a birthday full of joy.

See you on the second part of this blog post when we went to the Chesire Oak Designer Outlet.

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday in Liverpool! It’s great to read about your adventure, and your Royal Albert Dock photos are beautiful!

    1. Thank you. 😍

  2. Happy birthday to you! It looks like a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you.

  3. Happy belated birthday to you! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.. the pics are, as always, beautiful

    1. Thank you. ❤

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