Paint It Own It

We are heading to almost half of November and in about six to five weeks Christmas is coming. I am deeply amazed on how fast the calendar flips everyday. Haven’t even noticed it. Has anything changed in our lives from January up to the current date, be it a drastic difference or a little deviation from the normal life we have? There must be, right? If there’s none, consider it alarming to waste the entire year of doing nothing. Dreams will never get realized when no effort is done to make it into a reality.

The weather here is getting colder as we approach their winter. See, seasons change as well. How much more if we will compare it to us.(wink)

Guess you already got an idea on the main subject for this freezing night, CHANGES. Just so timely, I made an unexpected detour from my job by assuming the same role but in a different working environment. Honestly, I am the type who loves changes, who likes to risk and with no second thought would seek for an adventure on what life has to offer by going out of my comfort zone in my career development. I wont be working in this country if I kept myself away from the bigger jungle of possibilities.

Was it easy to make the decision in welcoming movement in any aspect of our existence. To be fair, it wasn’t. The process of transformation is always ugly, a difficult path. However, the results are often promising in the end. How can we tell if we are indeed ready to do a little modification of what we are used to? I simply ask myself to be honest with my own doubts.

“Do I really like to leave?”

“What are the consequences of the changes?” “Will the benefit outweighs the drawback?”

“Do I have anything to look forward for my development?”

and the most important questions for me are, “Am I pleasing my Lord with my action?” “Will I be HAPPY to do it?”

Once I’ve answered these with my full honesty, then I am ready to act. A decision to accept a major change is not as easy as others may perceive it. It takes a lot of courage to stand to what your heart wants, time to balance possible impact of it and willingness to start from scratch again like a newbie to whatever field you’ll be in.

People will always have their own opinions in every decision we make. We can listen to their pieces of advice and use it for our own benefit. Just make sure to separate the relevant information and learn to discard those that are not. We know ourselves better than anyone else. We got the full grasp of what we really wanted. In times of confusion to decide wherein I couldn’t seem to get to the point on what to choose, pause and say a little prayer of guidance. He is always there waiting for me to to let him maneuver my life’s direction.

For every new chapter you make, paint it like exactly how you wanted your life to be. Own every outcome of our actions with no regrets, just LESSON.




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