She Is So Lucky

I’m starting to believe the stars are aligning in the universe making me a one lucky momma winning raffle tickets these past consecutive days. I’ve never tried getting my name picked for any raffle entries whenever I had the chance to participate. How I wish I could win those enticing prizes written on the tickets as major give away. I wouldn’t be choosy to claim for consolation prizes either. It’s just that luck wasn’t so nice to me not until this month.

Mon received a text message from Dave’s Fun House in SM informing us that I won two gift certificates for a free play. Akyn’s going to love this! It wasn’t that big but granting it was for FREE, who am I to complain for the gift? Yey! The tickets were valid until March of 2019. Pretty sure these won’t last for that long. Someone’s itching to use them.

I’ve posted pictures about this playpen in two of my blog posts in case you wanted to view it for your little one’s bonding time with you. You may click the links separation anxiety and haircut disaster to check the photos.

Dave’s Fun House:2/F, North Wing, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City 6000

Last night, we had some grocery shopping in Metro Gaisano Naga. With the amount I had accumulated for my total bill, it qualified me to join their mini game with a corresponding prize depending on what will my lucky hand can pick. I had to put my hand inside a box with pieces of paper suspended in the air because of the air pressure from the bottom part of it. To get the prizes, I need to catch one of those papers really quick. I had fun! I looked like a child excited to catch some candies. Wohoo! I love this month of getting freebies.

This is what I like about Metro Gaisano, they always have something for their customers when they are on sale. Like for every minimum purchase entitles you to get something for free. Lucky for me because I do always qualify for their promotion. You know toddlers milk is a bit pricey and it’s always part of my grocery list. So, it’s easier for me to reach their minimum quota. Good thing it wasn’t given in a form of raffle entries or else I won’t be enjoying those goodies at all.☺ I’ve tried winning five kilos of rice, a dozen of eggs, a kilo of cooking oil and so many more. I’m shopping for free gifts in Metro grocery. (wink) Can’t just remember all those goodies I had in the past. For us mothers doing the budget, this is already a great help to add to our grocery supply. Doing grocery is my happy activity and getting freebies can absolutely make me blissfully happy.

I won this travel shoe organizer case. Perfect for my future travel plans. God is really helping me to prepare for my plans to venture out to other places. ☺

Hopefully next time I wish I could win a million cash prize please so I can just blog all I want at home with my baby getting no pressure of being a working mother. Yay!


  1. That’s kind of exciting game to play with grocery items as its prize. I’ve tried getting gift certificates too from one of my favorite shops and it makes me happy every time.

    1. Oh Wow! I appreciate how creative these businesses are in making their customer’s happy.☺

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