Six Years of Happiness

After two weeks of writing nothing, here I am ready to open up another page of me. The last couple of weeks was so difficult not just for me but also for our entire family way back home. A super typhoon drastically hit our hometown on the evening of the 16th of December causing too much damage to the properties of my fellow Kababayans situated where the eye of the typhoon Odette had passed. I am beyond grateful that my family are all fine apart from our roof blown away by the unforgiving strong wind. We still have not resumed our normal everyday routine of online communication with my loved ones due to the ongoing restoration process of the electricity and Telcos. As of now, I am contented to receive one or two messages from them if lucky enough to get a signal. I miss them badly but what can we do?

I fervently pray and believe that everything will be back to normal in God’s will. Time has been passing very quick now a days. Who knows tomorrow all will be well. I didn’t even realized my only boy will be turning six tomorrow on the 30th of December. I told Akyn this morning that the last time I do remember him looking very fragile, so tiny wanting to always get wrapped in my arms and when I blinked again, here he is turning six year old smiling as bright as my everyday sunshine.

Six years ago, I prayed to be blessed of becoming a mother. It was answered with the best gift from Heaven. Our Akyn is the sweetest little version of Mon and I. Our home is always filled with laughter because of him. I love you baby.

It has been our tradition every year for Akyn to choose what he wants to be on his birthday. He chose to be a pirate last year. Then for 2021, he wanted to an elf. Alright then, why not? I ordered his costume from Amazon three weeks ago to make sure it would be delivered before the end of December.

Thankfully, the outfit perfectly suits him. He’s absolutely adorable.

We were supposed to go to town to have his photo taken from a photo studio but because the weather wasn’t great this morning, I attempted to do a DIY photoshoot which I find them cute enough to be used as his birthday photos. This crafty Momma managed to save her budget again for today. 🤣

I wish nothing but for you to grow healthy with a heart so pure to see the goodness of everyone around you. Daddie and Mommie will always be here to support you in every dreams you got. We love you baby today and forever.


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