Stop The Blame Game

I can now relate to the hassle that parents are experiencing in bringing their active toddlers inside the church. I felt pity for Mon who was the one looking after Akyn when we attended the mass yesterday. Akyn couldn’t sit still in one place. Five minutes were long enough to make him behave. His Dad had no choice but to give in to his demands to walk and brought him outside or else he would make a scene while the mass was on going

Daddy with Akyn attending Sunday’s Mass

I was amazed with Mon, he was still able to get the message of the Gospel of Christ though his full attention was divided between Akyn and listening to the word of the Lord.

The Gospel for yesterday’s mass was taken from the book of John chapter 9 verse 1-41. This is the first part of the reading :

As Jesus passed by he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.

The Priest explained that this passage means God doesn’t dwell on to our past mistakes but rather sees the sincerity of our hearts to change and not to commit the same mistakes again. God focuses more on the solution rather than who to blame on why, who and how the sin was committed.

This is one of the principles that I’ve learned from Mon. He is such a good influence to me, isn’t he? I have that strong inclination in using the “blaming game” if things wouldn’t work as I planned them. I’ll share to you about one of those scenarios.

Mon and I loved to attend the Sinulog Festival in Cebu before we had Baby Akyn. We both enjoyed the street parties and the colorful costumes of the Sinulog participants. As what you could expect, Cebu was so crowded during the event. It was like walking while touching elbows to elbows with the other party goers. No vehicles could pass through the streets, that means you needed to use your feet to walk.

Here are some of the pictures of how Sinulog Celebration looks like.



The streets would open for vehicles to pass at night when street dancing event was over. The most challenging part for us was how to get a ride in going home. For us to go home as planned, we needed to be alert to be fast enough to ride a bus. People were also in a rush to head home which would mean lesser bus were available to accommodate all the passengers.

There was one opportunity for us to finally get a ride when a vehicle passed by but Mon wasn’t that fast enough to follow me. The other passengers were able to take the seat that was supposedly for us. I blamed him for walking slower than a herd of snails. I was too tired but I still exerted an effort to play the”BLAME GAME”.

He told me with conviction,”Instead of blaming me, can’t we just try to find another route to find a bus?”

He continued, “We will get stuck here if you won’t stop nagging me about that missed opportunity.”

Well, he actually made sense. Finding a solution to an unpleasant situation is more productive rather than finding who to put the blame to. There is no point on dwelling upon something that you can no longer change. God wants us to move on. He doesn’t want us to get stuck in any misery that we are facing. He’s there to give us strength and guidance for our decisions.

I’m happy for being able to feed my soul last Sunday. Hope you had a beautiful Sunday as well.


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