UK Mother’s Day Plus Back Pain

I’m feeling a bit better now compared to the weekend horrendous back pain I had. Is this the sign of aging?Since I started working here as a nurse, my body had experienced all the ACHES🤣 I never had to endure before especially my back and my arms. These two body parts are the most overused muscles when I’m at work.

Last Sunday, I had to ring in sick because of another back pain but this time it was the worst I had before.It was so painful ever! When I lay flat in bed, I can’t roll to my sides because my pelvic muscles were just to sore to allow any movements. Awaken by the discomfort at two in the morning, took some pain killers but still unable to settle with the sharp pain in my right lower back. It scared me 100% with my line of job in the Neurospine. I was already thinking of the possible worst medical diagnosis. Last Sunday was also the UK Mother’s day(great!) and I spent it waiting to be seen by a doctor from a walk in centre. The specialist did the assessment to me and thanks God all negative from a possible serious cause of my back pain. It was only a muscle strain. That muscle strain was too much to handle for me. Had some stronger pain meds and loads of bed rest to recover. So, if you wanted to work as nurse in the future, get ready with your Johnny Bravo muscles because you’ll surely need them.(LOL)😂

Anyway, Akyn had their World Book day in school. He actually didn’t choose Sonic to be his fave character but it happened to be the only one on sale plus he can still wear it at home as his onesie during this cold weather. The MUM chose practicality again.😁 I’m just so thankful Akyn didn’t mind wearing it with him knowing we spent quite an amount this month to renew my working visa status in this country. Life of an OFW my friends!

My baby boy allowing me to take some photos before going to school.💕💕

Getting taller and growing so fast Akyntoot.❤️I love you Baba.

After my doctors check up whilst on our way to our car, Akyn excitedly mentioned about their surprise gifts for me.His insisted his Daddie should surprise me still although I have already received my presents days in advance delivered early by Amazon. They knew I love flowers so they bought some from a mall near to the walk in check up centre. He bought an all pink loot bag for me with some of his fave sweets so we can share after.(LOL)Of course, I raised my son same as mine to be practical. Mommies gifts equals baby’s likes for us to enjoy them both.😁😁😁

Red roses can always make me feel better.💕

Here are few gifts I have received days before the actual Mother’s Day. The I love you Mum fleece banket is so warm and it has a written message on it for me. The Starry night light projection is both me and Akyn’s request and the travel compact cable set.

Love this one especially during our travel escapades. It’s very handy for all of our gadgets.

I bought this one from TKMAXX. I just wanted to share how cute these bag ties are.

Thank you to my boys, Mon and Akyn for being there when I wasn’t feeling well. They alternately gave me a back massage to alleviate my pain last weekends.

Happy Mother’s day again to all beautiful mums out there. Our selfless love never goes unappreciated by the world.❤️

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