Be Bright

It’s Monday which means a blogging day for this Momma on rest day with four degrees freezing weather outside. Going out still? No, thank you! I’d rather stay at home and enjoy my writing day. 😂 Little things like this of having the freedom to do what I like versus doing what I am needing to finish is one of the best moment for a busy bee mum. It’s like a precious jewel we always want to savor every bit of it, don’t you agree?

Today, whilst scrolling down my Facebook memory lane, I’ve read an online post about getting intimidated with people sharing lots of positivity outlook. I can’t understand why some would hate that kind of thinking when optimism is one vital thing that could help us keep going. Other’s take would say, “Oh, you’re invalidating my moments of gloominess!” That’s not true at all! (Eyes rolled) There’s nothing wrong with being sad. However, we can’t live to feel that way forever that’s why having the habit of looking on the brighter side of the world really does magic. I simply delete those NEGATRONS not just in my social media account but in my life in particular. Why? Because they will only drain my energy. I am not wired to dwell on negativity because I’m simply a happy sausage who prefers to transform monotony to brightness in everything I do. Don’t get offended for this is just my two cents for today’s conviction drama.🤣

My bright red shirt shows my current mood. Apologies for the mirror placed on the door. (LOL) I was doing my mirror selfie before this shot was taken so I can use it for my blog’s featured photo. What more can I say with the beauty of DIY photoshoot?

There are several things that I’d like to do to keep me in a good mood while my brain is actively working. Don’t you do that thing as well like when you’re bored or upset then you’d just simply indulge on stuff you’d enjoy the most and suddenly the blues are gone? I do that ALWAYS. My favorite on the list is obviously my blogging hobby. I’m fond of writing happy thoughts as it makes me smile everytime I read my post over and over again.

Next on my list to keep me on my sanguine mood is my obsession to thrifting. Shopping is already a perfect activity for me but shopping from a thrift store is a different kind of level of happiness. That being said, I found few new thrifted decor last month. I’ve posted this very late due to our website update we did recently.

I’ve got this antique jewelry box needing a loving thrift flip.

I’ve been for a hunt for a nice serving dish and all these babies where only costing for less than two pounds with no chip at all. That was one of the happiest day of my shopping escapade.

Another project in my list to keep me busy at home is my stairs photo gallery wall. This photo frame will be an addition to my growing collection of displayed family portraits. I’ll share it in my blog once completed.😍

Somebody has gotten rid of their Leonardo figurine collection. Lucky for me I found them for my decor new love for figurines. I temporarily placed them both in my kitchen hutch for now.

Apart from thrifting, next on the list would be the DIY flipping of trashes to treasures. How crazy is that where we can enhance our creativity at the same time forgetting the world’s stress? We can also use this hobby to make money if we’re looking for a sideline job, why not? Look at my restored antique jewelry box. Isn’t she gorgeous? Painted then distressed it to match my Farmhouse vibe home theme.

And the top on my list happy pill sources are my family to spend time with them. They’re my ultimate achor to stay jolly. Any activity done together is always worth it . We went to the Range Store to purchase this Marvel canvas wall decor for our boy’s room. He’s so happy seeing it displayed in his bedroom. To be honest, I can live to stay at home with them and be merry especially these cold seasons. I can’t be bothered going out.

These listed enjoyable hobbies of mine are just a few to might help you overcome a not so nice day. For sure you got maybe more than these. We all got different methods of detoxing to be happy.

Also, pretty Mommas don’t forget to not let anybody stole you’re childlike happy heart just because they can’t be as vibrant as you.(wink)

Cold aftie everyone.


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