Early Christmas Surprise From Akyn

Christmas is in the air both literally and figuratively with the minus two degrees temperature and the trees covered with ice, oh yes it is definitely the holiday season.

Akyn gave us an early Christmas gift yesterday with his amazing act of bravery to overcome his fears every time he needs to perform in front of the crowd. I still get petrified with public speaking if I’ll be ask to do one. How much more for a six year old boy?

He showed me this little house with sweets and said that he was so happy with himself for getting the prize. The curious Momma asked, “Prize for what?” He happily mentioned that it was for him being chosen to represent their class to recite his own made poem about winter in front of the whole school assembly. He was scared but brave enough to overcome his fears and amazingly managed to showcase his well written poem.

He comically narrated to me how he felt before he went to the stage. “I felt like this Mama, Oh no Doomsday,here it is!” Then he started reading his poem. He felt so relieved then after the presentation, “Phew, finally I did it!” ( adding his facial expressions while he’s telling me his experience).

Sample of his poem, first line: Winter is beautiful, stunning snowflakes falling from the sky❄️ By Akyn

Well done Baby! We are so proud of you. Continue enjoying learning new things in school. We don’t pressure him when it comes to school lessons. Rather, we let him enjoy school and join him learn new lessons with his school journey. Learning doesn’t need to be boring and stressful especially to young kids for me. I think it would be best for them to see it as an enjoyable activity to look forward to with their parents assisting them to understand it better. 😍

A nice way to start our Christmas with our little boy’s love to learn. 🥰Anyway, how’s your Christmas preparation going Pretty Mommas?

We started ours with Akyn’s Haribo and my wax melt advent calendar. He’s very consistent in making sure he checks what he’s going to get everyday.

I’m also preparing my DIY sewing crafts ready for the festive season. Managed to change our kitchen curtain using a fat quarter cloth. It turns out from this……

To this… I’m glad I don’t need to buy one for my curtains at home.

I’ve been doing my scrunchies few months ago so I can use them as little presents for my friends.

Akyn already distributed few scrunchies to his friends in school.

I’ve also sent my Christmas wishes to our church choir friends. Little thoughtfulness like this surely makes someone’s day brighter.

Loads of festive eat out happening. We went recently to our fave Chinese restaurant here in Hull, The Oriental Palace. I ordered three roasties as always.

Akyn got his friend rice and the fried squid tentacles.

Mon got his Pancit (egg noodles with chicken).

Too cold, too gloomy outside Pretty Mommas. However, my heart is excited for the coming days to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Snowy, frosty morning everyone.❄🌨⛄

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