Ikea and Costco Quick Trip

It is seldom that Mon’s day off and my off duty would match on the same day. So, whenever there’s an opportunity especially on a weekend, we would gladly grab it to get some quick trip to anywhere that the three of us would have fun with. That’s the life of an OFW. It’s either we are at work or we are traveling to get some fresh air. The fact that we don’t have any relatives near us to spend some special moments as a family, we would rather enjoy every bit of the fruits of our hard work than sulking of being away from home.

As an OFW for four years made me realized that too much working will burn my passion to work. It made me question, why do I tire myself too much and didn’t get still the satisfaction I wanted? Pursuing the all MONEY AIM route wasn’t healthy for me. I then started to minimize my extra shifts, started saying no to overtime always, bravely gave my condition if people wanted my service and gave more time to people that matters.

We have different ways of coping to our stressors. Others coping might be to tire themselves out but for me, I can attest it isn’t now.

Right then after I slowed down the workaholic me, everything seemed lighter to breathe. I appreciated more on what I have and made the most of it. It’s a short journey my friends to miss the enjoyment of our precious time.

Here’s my little me gracing my blog post for our Ikea and Costco trip with his smile.

This Momma’s OOTD prior to going to Leeds. Sporting my Mother’s day bag present from Mon. Mix and match style while we are young enough to post for an OOTD. LOL😂 Don’t wait until your skin is wrinkled before you start to make yourself happy with the things you wanted.😍

We first visited Ikea to get some new stuff for our little home. There’s always something nice in this store that even if it’s not part of your list you can’t even afford to say no to them.

My little photo subject gamely posing for each item I wanted to get someday.😂

After Ikea, we then headed to get some groceries in Costco. I love to do groceries as a family because I am the type of shopper that always takes time in everything. I hate rushing when shopping. I don’t get to enjoy my therapeutic activity when I shop quick. I wanted to check every isle, all the corners and read through new items I wanted to try out. Are you kind of like me, too when you shop?

That’s my shopping haul for Costco. Too, lazy to do a shopping haul for Ikea. 🤣 It’s school break this week which means this blog was made in a rush because I have my little companion with me now wanting us to go somewhere.🤣🤣🤣

My two source of joy every time. See you in my next blog post.

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