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I am supposed to write the consecutive parts of our London trip but decided to write our Ikea in Leeds adventure instead as a part of me again is so much excited to share my weakness to shopping home decors. Who wouldn’t be when Ikea has so many beatiful choices out for display? Overwhelming shopping experience for this Momma.

Me and my boys taking a selfie before the journey begins. It was a lovely Sunday morning when we went there. After attending the Holy mass, the Reginos invited us if we wanted to go to Leeds. Our initial plan was to go to Costco. Unfortunately, the shop was closed due to a long bank holiday weekends. For our effort not to get wasted, we decided to find another place to visit. Before Ikea, we dropped to a Chinese shop in Leeds, Sing Kee where I got loads of Asian grocery. I had to make a isdang sinigang for tea when we went home.

Hi to our personal Daddy driver. Thank you for driving safely my Love. Because we are not yet familiar driving away from Hull, what we normally do is to do a car convoy with our friends. We let them take the lead while we follow their route. Kuya Marcelo was such a careful driver leading the way. We’ve learned a lot from his driving skills when Mon was still in the process of taking his exam to earn his license before. With perseverance nothing is impossible to make our goal into reality. Now, we can go anywhere wherever we wanted to, accompanied by our Monoy.

The following photos are my most favorite designs in Ikea showroom. I badly wanted to copy this someday for our living room. There is an undecorated area near my stairs cabinet that hasn’t been touched yet. I have a vinyl player as well gifted by Mon that I can put into this space like this. Glad, I have saved this inspiration for future use.

This area is so chick. What else can I say? I took this photo because I’m obsessed with its traditional rug. Modern rugs are nice but I am more inclined to incorporate the traditional design in our home for it never grow old in home interior use. The rug looks old, rustic but undeniably such a precious piece. I want it for my bedroom.

Cosy living room concept. I like the muted color of the sofa. If I’m going to change my small sofa at home, this will be my design and color of choice.

Cute girly bedroom. The tiny bed is so nice.

and this one is an inspiration for a boy’s bedroom.

Wow. That’s all I can say. I have done some bedroom improvements as well after we went to Ikea and that’s going to be another blogging discussion I’m elated to share. Muted colors of decors, some touch of greenery, white paint and the lists continue for my top picks when choosing a theme for my home space.

Who likes to renovate their kitchen? Me! But not in our UK home. We are almost finished renovating our toilet back home with the help of my parents looking after our house. Our next plan is the kitchen making me more interested to view some tips on what designs to follow.

Loads of office space design to choose from. As we got an office room in the house for Mon, I always wanted to do some little enhancements into it to inspire him to work harder. (LOL) The better he works, the brighter chances of me getting more budget to continue my shopping addiction. 😂😂😂

I badly wanted this one but it was quite pricey though. Maybe in our next trip, I can have this taken home with us. It’s so perfect to hang our crafting equipments especially for me who wants to always do DIY projects.

A cozy little nook. Great to get some me time to read books.

Warning! Coming up are the collections of my unrestrained urge to buy. (LOL) Got all of these Asian food from Sing Kee. I miss our local grocery items in the Philippines. If I’ll have the chance to get a vacation back home, I’ll load our luggages with all the food I miss so much.

I bought two hanging faux plants. One for our upstair toilet and one for our master’s bedroom. I’ll blog how I styled it on a separate post Pretty Mommas.

Added a crock to my hanging plant for the toilet to match my all white color motif.

This is my favorite shopping haul, my three tier white Ikea Trolley. My main purpose for this is to put all my book collection so I can just move them whenever I wanted to read in the house.

These two containers are for my highlighters and colored pens I can’t live without when writing my journal.

The only kitchen utensil I got during the trip. I got so excited to home decors and forgot to check more of the kitchen stuff. Next time I will. 😂

My white hanging shelf for our bedroom. I finally got something to decorate on the empty white wall I have. Can’t wait to show you all my finish output.

Two frames to be decorated in my hanging shelves. These are very cheap, however, it both looked splendid when used.

Quite a lenghtly blog post for ya’ll. I do hope you did enjoy all my ideas captured inspo. Ikea will be one of my favorite to-go shop starting now.

Sunny weather to all my Pretties out there. Don’t forget your sunscreens!


  1. I love out IKEA stores here in the US. I’m sure they carry different items than what’s carried in the UK

    1. ☺️

  2. I love going to Ikea to see their display rooms. I always want to redecorate my whole house when I’m there.

    1. Exactly…❤️

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