In Liverpool Day 2

As planned, here’s the second part of our trip to Liverpool. Traveling doesn’t only mean ticking the box of accomplished places we’ve visited but it’s our own way of gaining our energy back from the stressful adulting life. So thankful to my friends’ suggestions as to where to visit next here in the UK. Everyday is an opportunity to discover more about this county. I’m always excited to visit new places with my family especially if I know shopping is very much recommended to the nearby big shops of the area. LOL😁

I’ll start my blog with my travel OOTD. Slay that outfit Momma!😂😂 My outfit looks pricey but believe me it’s not. Top from Next outlet which was on sale. My skirt was still from the Phillippines when I went home. It’s a maxi skirt actually but decided to fold it to make it into knee level. It looks better to show my pair of DIY boots. And the main star of my outfit is my thrifted boots. I bought a leather paint and a sealer from Amazon to achieve a glossy dark chocolate brown look. Viola, it turned out so pretty. Not everything needs to be expensive to look presentable Mommas. A little mix and match of everything pretty can surprising work for us. Creativity at its best!

We started visiting each shop we wanted in Designer Outlet Cheshire Oaks on Friday, the 25th then went their again the following day (my birthday Yay). It’s a huge shopping centre that one day of strollling won’t be enough for us to visit all the stores we wanted.

One of my fave, the Churros with the chocolate topping of your choice.

I thought it was only me who’s going to get the shopping spree privilege on my special day but no. These two joined the said carefree day. “It’s my turn Mama to buy!” “The Daddy needs one,too!” And the cycle continues.

Spent our Dinner in Wagamama. Their serving was huge. Found it difficult to finish one serving. Most of the noodle soups were spicy. My boy isn’t a fan of spicy food.

Everything was so Chrimassy in the outlet. We didn’t miss the opportunity to take photos of each Christmas display they had.

They got this huge Christmas tree that when you get inside, it’s full of Christmas lights changing into different shades.

My top two new babies in my closet as a treat to my hardworking self. My treats to myself is getting more often than ever. Well, I deserve this from all the long hours of controlling my patience to deal with the chaotic working world of stress.LOL😂😂😂

Paul Costelloe Bag
Long Champ Bag

A message to myself welcoming another year.

Hello Dear Me,

I’ll start my loving note to you with a virtual hug to let you know how proud I am of what you’ve become and whatever you have accomplished from this day forward. You’ve shown your bravery in your most decent way to speak up for yourself. Knowing what battle to fight is becoming a part of your skills. Don’t ever let anyone remove the sparkles of joy you always have in your heart. Continue to live the life full of gratefulness from God’s blessings. Your trust in thy Lord’s power has immensely helped you to overcome every bump in the way. I love you self from the bottom of my hypothalamus.

Your’s truly,


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