Life Update First Q 2023

The first quarter of 2023 is almost finished. How fast the days went! I’ve also had reached my fourth year of stay in this country. Yay! Happy fourth to us as an immigrant. Is it a big deal surviving this long to stay in a country with completely different culture from us? Of course, it ain’t easy adapting to everything new. Coming here with only a suitcase full of clothes leaving everything we’ve started back home because we wanted change to happen to our professional growth is something I will always be thankful I decided to take the risk.

It allowed me to see and experience the opposite side of the world. It gave me opportunities to be better in my chosen career. It strengthened my faith that I will be able to surpass anything thru God.

I did it!

I made it!

I survived!

Plus bringing my support system, my family with me is a major factor I stayed here. Without them, I can’t imagine how cruel life could be to be an OFW ALONE AWAY FROM HOME. Salute to those who made it alone all through these years. You’re the real trooper!

When we came here, we didn’t have a place of our own, no relatives, no friends, we got NOTHING. Apart from the courage and skills we are ready to showcase to the world. Tough life my friends. We rented from one house to another until we finally had the budget to buy our own home. UK houses are insanely expensive. You’ve got to work double to afford it and so we did.

When it comes to the pieces of furniture, I mostly bought thrifted ones. Apart from considering the budget, I was not willing to buy anything new for a rented house which was my initial thinking before. But then thrifted furniture seem to be ok as long I can turn it into something that can pass my liking. Fast forward, we moved to our new house and continued using my thrifted stuff. To be honest, all of my thrifted things are still gorgeous until now except for our bed.

So, here’s what’s new to our 2023 first quarter life update.

Akyn loves to jump on the bed adding to the wear and tear of the old mattress. I started to feel the bed spring hurting my back more when I tried to relax. We’ve decided to finally let go of the old bed and get a new one last weekend. With the kind of job I have, getting a good back rest is so essential after a tiring day of over using my muscles to support my patients. I’m too tiny compared to most of my patients here but I got to eat my daily Weetabix to survive this long to endure it. Go nurses!😂😂😂

I preferred to shop in store so I can feel which mattress would be best for my goodnight rest. Searched in google the nearest shops in our location and gladly we found Bed World in Beverly Road. They got loads of displays in store. What I love about them is they also offer free removal of the old bed making it easy for the customers to get rid of their rubbish. Delivery was quick and free of charge to our area.

Tadaan to my new addition to the house.

Mon assembled everything with ease.

The finish output. I’m using my DIY pillow case I made few months ago.

My doorbell is a bit busy with all my Amazon orders for my organization obsession.

I can’t take the eyesore any longer every time I open our kitchen cabinets. That’s how messy it was. When my work schedule is so hectic, I got no time to organize at home. Just dump it and get it when I needed to cook. That’s the reality of a working Momma. Messy house when I’m busy. Took the opportunity to clean up last week when I had few days off.

My glass canisters to make our powdered drinks more presentable.

Finished another sewing DIY kitchen curtain using fat quarters. This color is so ready for the spring season.

Wire chargers organizer. No more tangled wire charger hanging from our table.

and the last but not the least is arranging my make up. I used to dump them all in one bag and had to do a scavenger hunt to find the item I needed. LOL😂 Finally, I got a decent way to separate which one is which and at the same time I can easily get rid of those out of date.

I’m doing all of these organization stuff to relax my mind, too when I’m at home. They say cleaning is good for our mental health as well.

Little by little we are making progress to make our new life here in the UK more comfortable to live. Cheers to this immigrant journey.

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