London Day 1

Akyn’s opening of class will still be this Wednesday. More bonding time with my Bokyn at home on this rainy morning. We will do some playtime activities after finishing this post. I’m here to share our recent family trip. Writing in our Akynfullhouse website to document another unlocked happy moment for this half term break for our Akyn on a lovely spring season. A great time to go on a family holiday.

We’ve planned for this trip since the beginning of this year and thanks God our request for a time off was granted. It was hitting two birds in one stone as we got an important appointment in London as well, apart from the vacation goals. The appointment was successful. Yay! I also felt I’ve regained my energy back after being totally drained from work. Working drains every bit of living cell in me but what can we do? We aren’t part of the lucky class laying in bed full of millions of pounds. So, got to work my beautiful behind to get these luxury moments. If I’m as rich as Elon Musk, I will never ever think of work again. I’ll enjoy my life the way I wanted. Alright, time to wake up Mich and finish your blog. 😂😂😂

That’s me posing to show off my OOTD smile.

My little handsome companion. Booking a train instead of Mon driving all the way to London is much more convenient for us. They said that streets in London are so busy and parking might be a challenge. Their tube stations are well efficient anyway and you’ll never get lost in London using their tubes with directions boldly written in each stop, plus the use of google maps makes it easier for tourists to visit places they wanted to go.

Deep in thought.😅

We arrived almost noon time. Gladly, our accomodation allows luggages to be left whilst waiting for the check in time at two in the afternoon. I usually use Airbnb to book for a place to stay but this time, I tried and was happy to find some nice hotels near the tube stations with stores nearby.

First destination was to grab some lunch at Piccadilly Circus. Who wouldn’t want to eat in Jollibee if you’re in London? I love the Chinatown situated in here if you’re into trying Asian food. Then afterwards, we went inside M&M candy store. It still makes us happy to visit this place although we’ve been here several times.

Akyn got his keyholder with my initial on it and he gave the M&M candies to his Ate Bella and Kuya Aj as pasalubong.

Then, we went to the opposite store with a long queue as well, the Lego store. As I’ve heard from one of the sales clerks that the store is currently expanding aiming to be the biggest store for Legos in the world. That would be a great news for all Lego fanatics.

Mon wanted to buy a big monster truck Lego costing about fifty quid. Too expensive for a toy. Sorry but I am not into Legos and spending that amount isn’t something approved in my budget list to spend. My Akyn returned his Dad’s toy and instead took this little one from the shelf. One vs two,obviously we won.(LOL)🤣

We ended up displaying this in Akyn’s room in one of his hanging shelf toy display. Not bad for a nine pounds toy compared to the fifty pounds, ey?

I’ve divided each London day trip post into separate ones because I’ll end up with a very long post if written all together. These writing tasks for all these journeys are so exciting to do. To all my fellow pretty Mommas who like to write, too:

Write because we can express ourselves better.

Write because we got the talent to do it.

Write because why not?

Let’s continue to inspire the world with our written output, shall we?

See you on my next travel post.

  1. It looks like you had a fantastic trip to London. That Lego store is impressive! I love the telephone booth!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Happy to know that you had a great time in London. I agree with you – yes we all want to eat at Jollibee. Ang saya pa din eh. You have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

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