Osting’s by the Sea Restaurant, Bar + Grill

We planned to have a dinner together a month before my birthday. There’s something so special for this year to be together. I don’t have the definite answer if we can still make this family time as often as we wanted to by the moment my new opportunities for my professional growth will start to get realized. As much as we do have the time, then will make the most of it for now.

Mama, My sister Me An and her BF Eric

Please excuse my overly focused face. ☺

The opposite side of the table photo

Instead of traveling miles away from home, we decided to have our family dinner together on my special day to somewhere near our house. We hate getting stuck in a bad traffic and wasting our precious time on the street waiting for nothing. So, on my birthday day, we chose Osting’s by the Sea Restaurant, Bar + Grill for the second time around. I had posted few of their delectable dishes during my Papa’s birthday. You may click the link here for more details.

They got plenty of options for us to choose. This time, we opted to change the set of food for a new taste bud experience. The view from the location where we were seated allowed us to clearly witness the beautiful evening by the sea. A perfect night we had!

My Akyn ordered his favorite fries. He didn’t finish one serving unexpectedly. Maybe because it’s a salt-free fries. My toddler is used to the taste of Jollibee’s fries. The taste of this is kind of new to him. His Daddy came to the rescue eating his left-over.☺


For my health conscious Papa and Mon, they wanted to have a fish for our table. We had Steamed Lapu-lapu for the two of them.


For more birthdays to come and longer years to cherish with them, I asked for Bam-i de Cebuano. One serving is only good for 1-2 persons so better order more than 1 plate to accommodate everyone if you’re going in groups.


Their sinfully delicious Crispy Lechon Kawali is so irresistible. Dip the meat with  vinegar sauce and pair it with rice. That’s what you call as heaven!


The photo alone makes my mouth water again. I almost ate all the six of them all by myself. I need to restrain my appetite from overindulging or else eating will make me gain more weight.☺


The Kalderetang Baka is another star for the night.


To complete the meal, we had there special Halo-Halo. One thing I can comment about their Halo-Halo was their ice wasn’t crushed that well giving lumps of ice. I prefer to have a finely shaved ice for this dessert and more milk please.


I haven’t posted anything in my social media account about my birthday. Anyway, those who mean to you will always remember your birthday without Facebook reminding them.☺ I’m always thankful to those of my friends and families who never failed to greet me. I love you guys. You know who you are.♥

I prefer to have an intimate celebration. More private, more meaningful and worth it to keep such memories with me forever. I am not certain about what my future beholds. I can’t guarantee where my destiny may take me for my future endeavor. But one thing I am so sure about, I will always, always and always cherish each of these joyful nights together.

I love you!




My separation anxiety is starting to kick in.=(


  1. Wow those dishes look delicious making my tummy growl! Getting the most of it while we still have the chance to celebrate happy moments with our family shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s inspiring to see you all having a good time together.

    1. Yes the food are 100% delectable. I’m a great believer of that too about the importance of Family time.♥ Thanks for dropping by.

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