Pilipinas Vacation 2023 Part 3

The third part of my recent August vacation trip back home is probably the blog that makes me miss them more because the date of our trip to the UK on these photos was coming near. The feeling of you not wanting to go back to reality but you got to because that’s our new life now is absolutely daunting.

Every OFW must have experienced this kind of longing, wishing to lengthen the days of staying with our families before finally facing another couple of years before seeing them again.😪Well, that’s life. It’s hard and complicated which gives us more reason to be tough in this human existence.

Anyway, let’s get on to this blog post. Before we went back to our house to prepare our luggage and all sort of stuff needed for our flight back, we headed to SM Seaside to get a family lunch together and Lemon Grass Restaurant seemed to be the place of choice of the majority.😍 I can say all the food we tried tasted divine. I will be including it in our to go list next time we will go for a vacation.

I had to take photos of everyone to carry it with me in our trip back abroad.😘 My Mama is smiling here but deep inside I know she is already starting to miss us big time. I love you Ma.

The always jolly Papa.🤣

The love birds, Eric and Me ann.😍

The yellow team. It wasn’t intentional for the three of us wearing all the same color of clothes on this day.

We had to savour anything flavoured mango in Cebu. We got the sweetest mango in the world and this mango shake is for sure will be something I will be missing everyday here.

Bagoong rice is my top fave. Everyone ordered a plain Jasmin rice. whilst me and Mama loved this.

Rice veggie wrap.😍

Fish for those who don’t want meat to mention Mon and Papa. (LOL)😁

Akyn’s order, the deep fried squid tentacles.

Barbecue pork belly. Drooling!🤣

What I like about their soup is you can request if you wanted a spicy one or not. I had to order a non spicy for everything with my Akyn not able to tolerate anything spicy.

Rice noodles.😍

Mon and I visited the nearest outlet shop in the city two days prior to departure and of course, a Jollibee meal will always be part of the itirenary.

He almost forgot to get his Jollibee Coke Float. He had to come to the till again to order it after our first request had been submitted. He didn’t want to miss this chance to have it.

Jollibee will be my forever top choice of fast food treats.

The outlet shops are very much cheaper compared to the prices here although the stocks of choice are limited. But yeah, so far we found what we wanted.

Chowking Halo Halo who can say no to this? I went with my Mama to go shopping few days before we went to Naga and pampered ourselves with everything we miss doing together. We love to shop, eat and just hanging out even on normal days. She’s my shopping buddy. I guess I got my love to shop from her.🤣🤣

She ordered the Lauriat Meal

while I got my Chaofan with Siomai

Mang Inasal with unlimited rice, yes please.

My sister personally packing all our food to bring back. Thanks to my family preparing all the pasalubong for us.

She gave me a souvenir bag, too. I love the print showing all our local finds.

Me prior to going home, she already prepared ordering my addiction to stationeries from Shoppee. Thank you Ann for all of these. I will surely use them.

My hair clips. Thanks Ann.

And these cute Key holders are the best. Used them for all our keys here at home.

This day was one of the saddest part to leave home. Airport has never failed to be my weakest place on earth. Even if how many times I had to experience going home for a holiday, the day of going back to work will always makes me cry. I didn’t mind how many human eyes were there watching when we left. I still had to shed my tears of sadness hugging them because I know it will take many days, months, or years for me to see them again.

I love you all. See you on our next vacation.😥😍

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