Reality Bites

Good morning fellas! It’s my fifth day for my rest day. Wow! First time ever to experience such a lengthy time off. Only a few overtime shifts are being offered now in the hospital which is quite new to me because usually loads of extra shifts are available. Anyway, I’m not complaining at all as it’s quite scary to go on duty now with the pandemic still unresolved, isn’t it?

I’ve been working as an overseas nurse for a year and three months now. How was it to work away from our home? Loads of nice things to enjoy. However, few continuing adjustments to get used to. It’s a matter of having the strength to endure emotional challenges.

Like for example, in the work place we can’t expect to be the cup of tea for everyone. Some may dislike our presence without us noticing it while others would love to hear our names as their workmate for the day. Few instances when it felt like we’ve done nothing right because every action we make, someone is going to harshly correct it and in a subtle way with no hesitation they’ll let us sense how we looked like an idiot to them. On the other hand, there are people who were born with kindness using their knowledge to support people to become the better version of themselves. You are lucky if you’ve met them!  Appreciate them, acknowledge their help because sooner or later once their path will go separate lane from us that’s when we will miss them.

Too sum it up, if  we are working abroad it ain’t a fairy tale type of life with only perfect events happening. It will be a mixture of good and bad. Just remember, if it’s too much to handle never hesitate to leave and find another workplace to continue our dream. I promised to myself to never endure pain if I can’t handle it anymore. Be the first person to protect your sanity. Stand up to what you think is good for you even if it’s difficult to start all over again. Find your peace and quite for we deserve it. Everyone does!

That’s why  I always make the most during my rest day because it’s the only time I can freely relaxed and be merry without worrying anything. Quite lucky now I got my family with me to spend things together like food trip or taking a little stroll outside.  Always looking forward  for my rest day now.

On the lighter note, this five days off, we didn’t miss to buy our all time favorite fish and chips. It’s a bit distorted photo I got there sorry. I had to walk few miles from where we bought it before heading home.


and their most wanted dessert, chocolate ice cream. We don’t normally buy ice cream during a chilly weather. Promise just one ice cream for this week. Believe it or not this is our first ice cream since we came here in two months. Yah unbelievable I know!


A little breath of fresh air for the three of us would be enough to complete our day. Went to a nearby park in KCOM Stadium. The sun is up which means a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The best photo subject of my life.














My secret weapon to combat every battle.



McDonald’s fast food is still not open for now so posing for photos outside will do for this little chap.




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