Things Have Changed

I do always consider “First experience” as a sweet memorable thing for us. Akyn opened doors for several “First Time”, not just in parenting but as a whole family. Excited like most first time parents would feel, the three of us love exploring those moments of being together. Unknowingly, our first time activities of being a family had made changes to our accustomed pattern of doing things in the same way like we used to do it as husband  and wife. Whether it’s as simple like dining together or spending a budget get-away, each marks a considerable happy encounter.

One interesting aspect I’ve observed of being a parent is that those usual routines we used to do as a couple somehow feels different when we are doing it together with our baby.

Like when eating in a restaurant, our table is now a bit messy but full of laughter compared to before with our neat dining set up discussing about adult related topics from start to finish.

Going to the mall is like stopping in every toy section of the store with our persistent toddler. “Akyn, play play Mommy.” Simply means, our shopping experience with Akyn really means taking time. If I am in a rush then I may need to do it ALONE.

Traveling were mostly unplanned when it was only the two of us. As long as we were on rest days with enough funds to spend to, then it won’t be a problem. But presently, we can’t afford to do that. Everything should be planned from the things needed to be prepared to the details on where and how to get to our destination. We can’t afford to risk getting lost or stranded to places we’ve never been before with our baby. Can you imagine how terrible that’s going to be?

Listening to the top list billboard music in Spotify used to fill our silent shelter when we were at home. Currently, all you can hear will be the upbeat nursery rhymes from YouTube. I can already memorize my son’s favorite songs.. and even dance with the music. Often resulting me to experience LLS (last song syndrome)Lol.☺

Another change we had recently faced was about the way we spend time watching a movie. Watching films on a big screen before would only include simply finishing the movie without the fuss of buying all those snacks to eat in between. Sort of different this time, when we brought Akyn with us. We had to buy refreshments and snacks to keep him busy for the entire show


Cheesy overloaded Fries

Last weekend, I used my two free movie tickets (rewards for my hard work). It’s our first movie trip together with him.(Happy dance) Amazed when the cashier told me, a 2 year old toddler will also be paying the same price with the adult admission tickets. It was my first time bringing a kid inside a movie theater. Children aging one year and above are no longer free. Pricey, isn’t it? I paid for two additional tickets more for Mama and Akyn.

My Beautiful Mama inside and out

☺☺☺Our movie schedule was @4:50 PM. We weren’t allowed to get in the theater yet not until the scheduled time. Taking photos while waiting was a great way to overcome boredom.☺



Good thing we had some snacks with us because just as expected, he ate almost half of the popcorn before the show even started. Not that obvious he liked Popcorn more than the overloaded cheesy fries.


My eyes are only for you

Things aren’t going to be the same as before but is truly better compared to the way things were when Akyn wasn’t still part of the picture. We will forever be grateful for having him.



  1. His lips obviously showed how he loved popcorn. Orange tinged because of the cheese. Soo cute

  2. Nice seeing a family bonding together. Love the photos with your baby So adorable

  3. It’s best to bring the kids to experience family day out while they are young because the moment they reach their teens, they may no longer have the time to be with their parents. They may have their own priorities with peers already.

    1. Exactly! We are making the most of it to enjoy family time. Thanks for your Input.☺

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