This Brand New Year

Happy New Year everyone. A long overdue post for this brand new calendar again. Haven’t sat down and contemplated for a new post because this Momma was busy savoring my tranquility doing nothing at home during off. Sometimes slowing down a bit, chilling out with a warm drink and not worrying of finishing any task to do is a much needed rest for us Mommas on the go, don’t you think?

This is our 2023 family photo and is of course already printed to be added to my photo album. Old school as this say in storing memorable pictures but I still prefer hardcopies for my shots.

My baby boy who recently turned seven last December. He looked like a little teen with the way he pose. Thank you for this lovely gift outfit given to Akyn as his birthday present. He loves it so much.

Typical for a New Year, most people are already setting New Year’s Resolution. Have you done yours because I got to be honest of not having one.LOL😂The more I get older, the more I love about spontaneity. Like having the best time in my life without any rigid timelines to follow. Although I have my long term goals still I wanted to achieve in my stay here in the UK, apart from that, I just want to get the best experience in this world in the coming days to come.

Nothing much I wanted to change in my life for this brand new calendar flip. It’s still the same me who wants to splurge in getting a comfortable home to go after a stressful job. I wanted anything to make me relax under our roof just like this Lisa’s wax melt I purchased last year. The candlewax is definitely a must to get. I love its scents and the effects it gives me. You can find more of her products in her FB page Lisa’s wax melts.

Our newest DIY project for this year is to change our tap in the kitchen. Went to B and Q to get the matt black. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. We were offered to have it ordered online by the store staff and get it delivered after 3 business days. We’re not in a rush so why not.

Once we got it, Mon knew a little bit of basic plumbing DIY for the sink. Yay! I saved the fee to hire someone to do it for us. Most of minor house renovation here were DIY. It’s so costly to hire someone with expertise to do it. Although, Mon knows a little bit of these skills but we don’t offer to do it to other houses for our friends because we don’t want to get blamed if something might go wrong in the process. 😂😂😂

Tadaan the finish output. I so love the new tap. ❤️To learn as much skills to do things on your own is one of the basic necessity of living away from home. We can’t always assume a helping hand is ready to save us. Thank you to Mon for making my first request for this year come into reality. 🤣A happy wife is a happy life, ey!

Graced the year by doing some shopping around the Hull area. It’s one of our family activity I enjoy much, not sure with Mon and Akyn if they love it, too.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Akyn’s request to try the little arcade in Princess Quay. It’s quite fun playing with them. I enjoyed much the basketball. My arms ache for a while after playing. 😂

Tickets to exhange it for candies or toys. Little source of joy for this little man.

A coffee date can’t be out of the picture for an afternoon stroll. Akyn loves his Oreo milkshake.

For this year, I wish nothing but to continue to have a heart full of gratitude to everything we have even to the tiniest bit of gifts from above.

May this year be full of beautiful memories to add in our lifetime.

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