Valentine’s Day and Ice Skating

I’ve seen a loty of funny memes online when Valentine’s day was coming like someone posted,”Those cringe love messages with big boquet of flowers,chocolates, pressies will be flooding in my social media account again!” I want to get real and would agree that social media posts can sometimes be to cringey especially those new young lovers openly overshares their sweetness online.😂 I think most of us had experienced those stage and once we’re over it, we now realised that it was too cringey.(LOL) Been there! Done that! 😂😂😂

Regardless if others would consider posting love presents received as annoying, I would still think of it as a thankful gesture of letting everyone know I appreciate the gifts. Do what makes you happy.Life is too short to worry about what others might think Pretty Mommas.

So here’s my Valentine entry.Tadaan My boys hid and wrapped their pretty present for me.Akyn drew his kissing emoji as his Valentine’s card. This is now my favorite blush pink mug for my everyday coffee. I used to hate receiving mugs, picture frames, pair of socks or umbrella when I was younger but in my Tita age now, these presents are the best for me.👌 Am I showing you my real Millenial generation of being part of the new Tita club? IKR!😂My Akyn asked if he can have the heart chocolates and I gladly gave it to him.

After Mon’s work, we went straight to Oriental Palace to get our cravings satisfied with their delicious noodle soup. Mon and I shared the seafood noodles whislt Akyn had his own order of beef noodle soup.

This is the perfect food to go during winter season. I hate winter but we got to enjoy every moment as they say. Spring is coming means better days will be there sooner than we think pretties.❤️

and the Netflix and chill vibe when we arrived home was the best part of the day. We bought some snacks on our way home and watched 4 movies.Who needs to spend cash in cinemas if you can have the most convenient way of binging movies at home with your legs resting comfy in your couch?😘It’s becoming our fave routine activity at home when all of us are together aside from doing karaoke.( Sorry neighbors for the noise)😍

Also, last weekend we tried for the very first time here in Hull to do ice skating. Thank you Bela and AJ for helping out Akyn and Mon to learn how to skate. We initially planned to only let Akyn try it but seeing Bela unable to enjoy much skating because she was looking after Akyn, Mon tried to help and registered to skate as well. It ended up Bela had to teach them both instead. (LOL)😂

It was such a hilarious activity for these two. I can’t even count how many times they both fell down the ice. They were all sweating after the two hours play. It’s a good form of excercise and a family activity,too.

I rented the polar bear stand for Akyn and ended up Mon using it as well. Mon wasn’t bothered at all with the eyes looking at him when he sat on the polar bear and asked Akyn to push him at the back. Obviously, Akyn struggled to push his Dad’s heaviness making people laugh at them but they weren’t bothered at all. Hilarious scene!😊

The weekend was well spent.Akyn’s half term is now over. Time to get back to school days. Until the next school break again.❤️

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