Brand New Floors

Hey pretties. I’m here again blogging something exciting. It’s my rest day. Thank God for the day off freedom from stress.🤣 I’ve done all my house chores so rather than waiting for next week for my usual blog posting schedule, why not do it now whilst I got a bit of free time to release all my thoughts into writing.

The most exciting part of being an independent working adult(LOL) is the freedom to decide what to do with your living space. Yeah,this addicted Momma to making everything aesthetically pleasing is on the move again for another house renovation project. I’m going to get more broke with this kind of hobby, don’t you think guys. Somebody help me stop!(LOL)😂

After the completion of our upstairs toilet full renovation, we went to one of my friend’s recommended carpet and flooring local supplier, the United Carpets and Beds in Hull Boothferry. One thing that amazes me with the UK’s businesses is the fact that they can operate having only one or two staffs in big warehouses assisting customers and yet still able to deliver the service highly recommended. Cost efficient indeed for the business.

We were given options, the pros and cons on what vinyl floor to choose, which carpet works better for UK houses, what underlays to choose to conserve more heat during winter times. I know nothing about these at all. Cebu doesn’t have winter and our houses there don’t really use carpets for tropical countries. That’s going to be too boiling to imagine. These helpful information are new to us. Too many things to learn for this lady born and raised from a tropical region.😂

Right, back to my narration about our floor journey. Focus Michelle to your paragraph cohesiveness construction!🤣😒 One of their hired floor joiner came to measure our floors both for vinyl and carpets then after which a quote was given to us. Their price was quite reasonable compared to other quotes I’ve heard. Without further delay, we went back to the store paid the amount for the floors. Installation will be paid on the day the joiner does the job.

Scheduled first our floors downstairs for this month because I’m still waiting for the rest of our doors to be installed upstairs for my cupboards. I don’t want my new carpet to get mocky in the middle of the door installation. Hopefully Mark from JUST DOORS can do it at the end of this month for the rest of them waiting to be changed. He did an amazing job by the way for all four rooms that’s why I asked him to do the rest of the doorways in our house. Uniformity at its best Mommas!(wink)👍

We cleared all our stuff in our living room and entry way the night before the scheduled installation. Showing you the original floors when we bought the house. I’m not a fan with this type of shade, too warm for me. I wanted something cooler and would match my new toilet floors upstairs. It’s how I find cohesiveness with my house interior little by little by connecting the design from one room to another because why not? It’s my space I can do whatever I want. LOL😁

My boys busy helping to finish the task. Teamwork makes the dream work, ey!

This is my little entry way all cleared ready for the next day.

After they removed the old vinyl floor, this was what’s beneath the floor.

How chaotic our kitchen where we kept all our stuff from the living room. It won’t be long dear kitchen just hang in there.🤣🤣🤣

The final reveal of the finish output. Tadaaaan! I’m in love yow! I am speechless. I’m currently staying in my living room finishing this blog because I can’t get over how pretty my house is becoming each day I do a project to it. I love you house! This vinyl floor is in Khaki oak shade.

These two celebrating our little victory with their Karaoke. Lower your voices boys we might get reported by the neighbors for too much noise.😂

We were all tired ending the day after all the rearranging, the cleaning plus the paying of the work fee made me more tired and broke hahaha but at the end of the day, we all felt grateful for this new upgrade we did to our little home.

As I always hope, may we have more enjoyable house improvements to come.

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