Father’s Day 2023 New Car Baby

He’s Father’s day gift came four days earlier! I don’t think Mon would mind the timing of getting his present if he’s receiving what he’s been wishing for. Toys for big boys quote is the classic example of this blessing. Thanks dear Lord for granting us another family grace.🧡

When we started our journey here as an immigrant, we already aimed in one of our long term goals for Mon to pass their required exams to drive. It’s one of the struggles of an immigrant because it is a must to conform to their laws, pass their tests and do whatever is required by the law to get to be licensed or approved with any application we needed. It’s a literal start from scratch life we did here. Just like me, I had to pass the UK nursing exam before I became a registered UKRN. Holding a Philippine nursing license wasn’t enough to get a job here. Same as driving, we are required to prove that we are a UK safe driver before we are legally allowed to manoeuvre the wheels.

When Mon passed his exam we started with our little car for him to get the hang of exploring the driving world in the UK plus we were still saving up for our dream family car. Nice blessings come to those who can wait. We didn’t have the budget to dive in right away to get a luxury car back then and I didn’t want to live my life full of debts.❤ We still kept our little blue car because I can’t let go of the happy memories it gave us in every adventure we had with Captain America (name given by Akyn to our first car😂😂😂).

Fast forward, here we are now able to finally realized another tick box in our life goals.❤

Thank you Kuya Alcid and Ate Susan for guiding us through the journey. They brought us to a car dealer unfortunately the business closing time was early that day so we decided to proceed to Toyota here in Hull and get to view few car models available. And yes, on that same day of viewing we found the car of choice. How lucky was that? Processing and claiming of the unit took only a week. Our sales agent as well was so helpful explaining everything we needed to know. Thanks Fuz!

On Father’s day after we attended the holy mass this little man requested if we could go somewhere to spend the rest of the day. How can I say no when I’m being bribed with his sweet kisses? Drank first a glass of coffee to wake me up. Came from a night shift yet here I am still doing the Momma on the move to be with my baby.🧡 Salute to all parents balancing work and their personal life outside.

Went to Brid Seaside to enjoy the lovely weather. He’s all ready with his beach toys.

We played games and let him soaked his feet with seawater.

He tired himself out all aftie that he was fast asleep during our trip back home.

Yes to more blessings.

Yes to more adventures.

Yes to a grateful life.

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