First Communion of Akyn

An important milestone in Akyn’s Catholic life was realized last Saturday. It still felt surreal witnessing him during the whole ceremony. I am a proud mother for my boy, well most mum’s do. We carry our child for nine months in our tummy, spent sleepless nights attending to our newborn and the list continues. With the bond moms had created to their child, it is just right for us, mothers to be the first loyal fan of our kids in every life achievements they’ll have. Well done Akyn, so there!

I couldn’t keep my eyes away from him through out the entire mass. He looked so smart with his outfit and I am unable to believe I did manage to raise a lovely boy like him. He’s my greatest blessing above all. So grateful to experience motherhood in this lifetime.

Akyn is my main reason why I started to write in this blog to document every happy memory of his childhood. When he’s old enough, I hope he will be interested to read my blog mostly all about him growing up. I hope he can absorb my love through the words expressed in every post and each stories could bring back the memories of the wonderful adventures we had. Let’s make more happy getaways to cherish.😍

His First Communion experience started since the last quarter of 2022. Akyn had to attend the Sunday mass and also their forty five minutes Catechesis class. They were given stickers after the class like a prize for their attendance. Grateful to all the church volunteers serving as their teachers during the entire journey.

The mass ceremony was so solemn. I’m thankful Akyn had his Communion with Father Canon as the presider. He’s one of the nicest priest I’ve known with my stay here in this country.

Together with the Regino family, we celebrated Akyn’s Catholic achievement with a get together dinner in Cottingham.

Our little family continues to strengthen our Catholic faith even we’re miles away from home. Thanks dear Lord for guiding us through always.❤

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