Five Years UK RN

Let us do a time travel via blog post.😂Five years ago, early morning on the 26th of February 2019, I arrived in the UK with only 30 kilos of personal belongings in my luggage and a pocket money of less than a thousand pounds to survive my one month of stay here. I came here alone with no family or close friends to be with. How courageous my younger self was to follow my dreams, to practice my profession miles away from home, with no security yet if I will be able to pass my OSCE’s( the last exam I needed to take to be a UK RN).

This photo was taken hours before my actual day of OSCE examination. I made it sure to take a picture because I was already manifesting that once I passed my test, this photo shall be my remembrance of the scariest time in my life. And I did it guys! I did it. I am so proud of myself that I can hug my younger me if I can time travel to this exact moment.

I still feel emotional looking back on my early years when I was still starting to build a life here in the UK. I had to endure a year of being alone without my family with me, working and at the same time adjusting to my new world with totally a different culture from mine. I worked almost everyday to save up for my family to come over with me. I worked hard to get to know more of the nursing world.

I came here as a novice when it comes to this job. It made me realized then that even the most inexperienced person with the right attitude to learn can somehow survive the challenging path of working abroad. I humble myself to always be open to my mentors teaching me how to do things right. I may not be the perfect nurse who knows everything in theory, however, I consider myself as a human with a heart who wants to make sure the people I am looking after aren’t neglected when I am on shift.

This is me five years ago, full of enthusiam that I can survive the world I have chosen to spend half of my lifetime.

This is me full of hope that I can adapt to being an independent woman away from home.

This is me a newly qualified nurse willing to learn everything I am supposed to learn to do my job properly.

This is me unaware yet of how much tears and sweat I am going to endure just to gain the stability of where I am now.

Always full of smiles before starting my shift when I was a newly qualified because my mindset was the fact that I am finally a registered UK nurse wearing my blue uniform. How amazing that ever first feeling of going to work on my blues. It’s one of my greatest memory of self fulling my ultimate dream in my career. Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING You have bestowed upon me. I won’t be what I am now without Your guidance!❤️

Fast forward, now with my family with me enjoying our UK life, we celebrated a little dinner with Mon and Akyn.

Akyn’s house special noodles.💕

My seafood rice💕

and Mon’s Chinese Fried noodles💕

Never loose hope in following the path to make your dreams come true pretty Mommas.❤️

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