In Everything We Appreciate

After saying the grace before meals this breakfast we’ve brought the topic in our dining table about appreciating more what we have just like the sumptuous meal in front of us. Some may have skipped their meals because they have nothing. Others maybe suffering from cold and darkness whilst us warmly sitting in our comfy couch. You know simple things like that are often overlooked. I would admit that sometimes I forget to recognize the full worth of something not until the moment it’s gone. We used to do everyday online call with my family back home but because of the telcos still in the process of restoration, we can only do as much as once or twice a week call for now. Yesterday was an ace. We talked for almost two hours sharing everything with all the updates happening since Christmas until now.

It was like catching up for the days we missed last month. It’s late but I would still say my Christmas is complete now after everything is going back to normal in my hometown. A big thank you Lord.

I guess it’s the right time of the year to begin counting thy blessings and thanking those who have been there always for us for the entire year through thick and thin.

It’s just us beginning my thanks with a smile in this photo.

Thank you to my family for all the love. Life would be so meaningless without having a strong family support. My Papa and Mama who are my constant chatmates everyday checking on me if I am at home or at work even until now. (LOL)I love you both. To my sister, Ann and Eric my brother in law with his family, thank you for looking after Mama and Papa. Your are both our angels in making sure all the stuff we left there are well taken cared off. To my Husband Mon and our Akyn, you are both the sunshine in my everyday journey. Difficult situations are made easy because of your non stop jokes at home.

Thank you to all my dearest friends all over the world especially in Cebu, to whom I never stopped my communication with them no matter how far the distance is between us. To my newly found circle in the UK, I can’t imagine surviving this country without you Tatay Anton and Mommy Ester. They are like our second parents in here ready to help whenever they can. Our Kuya Marcelo and Ate Susan with their lovely kids are our inspiration to follow the Christ-like path. I treasure those people with all my heart the moment I see their genuine love for us. I like making friends,however, I am very particular when it comes to whom should I include in my closest circle of friends turned into family. In this crazy world, it is very difficult to find people who will truly accept us. If you found one, treasure them like you mean it.

Thank you for the gift of employment amidst the ongoing global worries of the pandemic. I often complain early in the morning when I wake up because I am going to face my work again as a nurse. After having a sip of coffee my grateful side of me starts to convince my thought that I should be glad I am still working as a UK RN receiving enough salary to buy what I want. When I am at the point of exhaustion, I usually go back to reminisce the time when I was praying so hard to pass my exams just to become a nurse here. It activates my motivation to work.

Also, a big thank you for the massive opportunities coming in for Mon to work as a software developer. I’m happy he continued his passion of practising his skills for more than ten years now and offers are still coming for him to enhance his love for codes. Our family is very much appreciative for the trust given to Mon’s workmanship.

Thank you to all my blog supporters for the undying support that inspires me to write even more. This blog is going five years now this February. Yey! I never thought I could continue maintaining this site but here we are still obsessed with adding color to the world through my writing. You are all the reason why I am so thrilled to share every bit of my adventures. I read every comments and messages sent to me and I can assure you they are all appreciated. A big thank you to all Pretty Mommas.

And above all, thank you Lord for letting me always feel Your presence in my life. My dreams, talents, hardwork and everything I have now won’t be enough to be successful in my chosen path without Your Divine Grace. I humbly praise Your mighty power in making everything possible. Thank you for everything.

Starting the year with a grateful heart allows me to see every little good things I have. It’s not an easy way to practice it but with perseverance, it will soon become part of my habit. Baby steps, shall we?


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