London College of Music Certificate

Akyn received his London College of Music official certificate after passing his grade 1 piano exam early this year. We thought the certificate will be sent next year but hey-ho, it got delivered surprisingly earlier than what we expected. I posted his photo two months ago in our FB page which means this is a very long overdue blog post again. Still, I wanted to capture this experience in my blog to mark a beautiful achievement of my boy with his love for music. ❤️ We always express to him how much we are so proud of his performance and we’re here to support his piano journey. I think every loving parent does that to their child, isn’t it? Supporting not forcing them to do things because we parents want to fulfil our unrealized dreams. That is just so unfair for our kids to go through that process!

Akyn genuinely love music. He normally takes the initiative to practice without being told and is always excited during his piano lesson schedule. Way to go young man! As long as you are still enjoying it, we will try our very best to get you the resources needed to fire up your musical passion.

This blog post will sum up our latest UK life update in general. I just can’t get my head to do every activity in my blog due to some family issues that still need sorting back home. I’m trying my best not set aside totally my blogging hobby because this is a part of me since 2017 and will always be my breath of fresh air when the world gets so stuffy!

Few months ago after our holiday in the Philippines, Mon had the chance to participate in one of the choir performances in Hedon church. It was an amazing night worth remembering. Our parish priest Father Canon was their, too. Took the opportunity to take some photos with Akyn whilst the guest weren’t there yet.

Part of the night were free typical English snacks and the wine. Mon has to drive so I took his share and got two glasses of wine for the night.(LOL😂) What a score for a Momma who badly needs it.🤣🤣🤣

We also got invited to a birthday party of one of Akyn’s friend. Thank you Ate Percy for including us in your list. Akyn enjoyed it especially the food and the watermelon.😂😂😂

I just love a weekend off to spend time with my Akyn.Taking advantage of it because it only happens seldom to be on rest day on a Sunday.😂

After attending the holy mass we went to enjoy a meal to our favourite Chinese restaurant in Hull, the Oriental Palace.❤️Akyn’s main request is the Chinese fried rice. He can finish one serving of it for the meal.

My current lovely haul for this post are as follows. Read at your own risk.

My little growing toys when on rest days.😉💅Missing those days when I can change my nail color every time I wanted it.🤪 I love the glitter gold shade, I bought them from AVON and BEAUTY OUTLET.

The current situation of my pink collections for my blogging activities and because I’m a sucker for aesthetics and right now blush pink is my obsession. Gave my black laptop blog buddy to my sissy because I wanted to get my hands on this pink baby to inspire me more to write. Perfect hobby to do during this miserable morning weather.

This adorable pig that looks like a pink bear (lol) completes my blogging set. Obsessed Momma here! Ordered it from eBay again with free shipping cost. What a bargain? Join my morning if you wanted a lil reading to do with a working Momma life by checking this blog every time. 😍Glad I got my own web developer husband who maintains my website for my hobby. For any website job please contact Mon(payment shall be discussed with the wife,though) Not free,ey🤣

My 100 pieces motivational stickers added to my stickers’ stash. Excited to use them for my art projects🤪 Ordered them from eBay at an affordable price. For stickerholics, they got loads of designs to choose from.

Mon gifted me this writing journal recently and it’s absolutely helpful to get your thoughts out especially to those who like to write like me. My blog write up is another outlet of my soul documenting every important event I consider whilst this devotional journal is my written weekly reflection to sum up how my week went.

Just beside the Oriental Palace restaurant, a Chinese store sells a delicious boba tea. I love it when I have loads of flavour options to pick for a drink just like how I intelligently pick my own battles. Queens never stoop down to their lowkey levels because we know how humans should behave better than them. Slay Queens and have a bubble tea drink to chill. 😂😜🤣

Can’t say no to these. Mon got his Matcha whilst I chose the Taro Flavor. Akyn sticked to his kids canned drink.

To wrap up this blog I will end it with this sayings, “What goes around comes around as they say.” If you sow kindness, you will reap the same of what you’ve sown with showered blessings continuously. I would say we are living the life to the fullest with thy Heavens being with us always. I am grateful for everything and still praying for God’s presence to be with us everyday.❤️

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