UK Celebrates Mother’s Day 23

UK celebrated the Mother’s Day yesterday which was different from the month we usually celebrate in the Philippines. Back home, we follow the American dates, celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Whatever month it is celebrated, it still aims the same thing and that’s to appreciate the hard work with love given to us by all the mothers in the world.😍

How did you celebrate your special day Pretty Mommas? For me, I had a blast. I asked Mon if he would be more than glad to let me choose the place to spend it. Without much effort to convince him, he said yes. Somewhere near, somewhere I can enjoy shopping and somewhere we all agree to go. We decided to visit the York Designer Outlet for the nth time around.

I wouldn’t deny but I think it’s me who was mostly excited about this trip. Why? Because I can go shopping again without guilt. (LOL)🤣 This will be added to the diary of a shopping obsessed Momma.🤣

They were both willing to get their feet tired yesterday just to make this Momma happy.

Arrived around noon time. Headed to the second floor to grab some quick bite before the non stop walking happened. Oreo milkshake from FIVE GUYS is so yummy. Just the right sugar to fuel me for the rest of the afternoon.

There was a nearby play area for kids. Had to let Akyn play it for a couple of hours whilst enjoying our chocolate cinnamon flavored hot drinks.

Here’s our little champ enjoying the afternoon with Mommie and Daddie.😍

Welcome to my shopping haul for yesterday’s event. Thanks Monoy for handing your card without question every time my feet goes to the cash till to pay.😘

One of my favourite blog post is to do a blog haul because every time I had to open my blog and re-read my entry, it never fails to make me happy seeing my chosen gifts for myself. I used to have a most like blogger to whom she often times post shopping haul and it always get me excited reading her entry. Although she stopped blogging for now as she’s recovering her health. I’m looking forward that she’ll be open to do more jolly blogging again.

If you are not into splurging yourself to things that can make you feel good or make you look good, then this blog post isn’t for you. Read at your own risk. 😂

My top choice for my Mother’s day gift is another bag from Fossil matched with a heart shaped coin purse. There can never be too many bags for a woman. 🤣 This design was one of their Valentines creation last Feb that happened to be the last in stock in store. Must be meant to come home with me.

I love Clarks footwears. Apart from it’s very comfy to wear, they last long as well. It’s about time to change my indoor pair of slippers. Pampering my feet while getting cosy inside our little home.

Another Clarks find is this high platform sandals. It brings my childhood fashion comes back to present. During the late 90s’s or early 2000’s when I used to wear footwear like this and all your grade school friends got the same pairs like yours. LOL🤣😂

Who’s excited for summer? Me! I can’t wait to be able to wear flipflops while strolling outdoor enjoying the brightest sunshine.

Cereal Bowls from Cath Kidston. I like the cottage core vibe Cath Kidston design gives me. Always pretty to the eyes.

It’s sad that Paperchase store in York Designer Outlet is closing. All items sold when we went there were the last pieces before they’ll totally close down.

Fragrance lotion from Victoria Secret it’s so floral and fruity fragrance. I love the smell.

Thank you to this patient little man going shopping with Mama. Hoping to spend more happy family times together.

Ended the day getting home, heading to our Chinese restaurant of choice, the Oriental Palace.

I had the best Mother’s day spent just the way I wanted. To all hard working Mothers out there, I hope you had a splendid day,too.


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