Carpet and Wood Floor Change

I was browsing through my website prior to starting this blog post to do some minor changes to some entries and then I ended up reading again the old write up I did. It made me reminisce the exact event I have written and woken up the feelings I had on those events. Words are really powerful to bring back our memories, so use it well when you can.😍

For today’s blog my main meat is all about our carpet update journey we did to our stairs and bedrooms. Overall experience was tiring especially the moving of furniture and cleaning part. However, the end result was super worth it.😍

This photo was taken when we first visited the United Carpets and Beds in Hull Boothferry Road. Recommended by a friend of mine when they had their floors done. Went there to check their prices and displays in person.

We came in to the other side of their warehouse with no one in except for the CCTV monitoring the area. I initially thought the staffs must be on their break with nobody around to assist the customers. As you can see in the photo they got this little note direction pointing you to the rear side of their store with more carpets and wood vinyl displayed. Their office staff were also located at the back. So, yeah they were not on break. We just wandered around the wrong side of the shop. (LOL) 🤣🤣🤣

The store was massive with loads of choices for your floors.

We chose the Khaki Oak for our entry way and living room to match with our upstairs toilet vinyl floor. I super love the colour and it elevates the overall aesthetics of the house. Please click the link for my vinyl floor update.

This is the original carpet when we bought the house. I badly want it changing. Having new carpet with underlays is a preparation for winter season to add more warmth to the house.

Each room had previously different styles of carpets. I find it chaotic to be honest having different grains and styles for each floor.

Clearing stage done. Just waiting for the fitters to remove the old carpet and fit the new one on the next day.

Welcome to all the chaos in transferring stuff from one room to another every after fitting of the new carpet. The struggle is real Pretty Mommas!

Tadaaaan the finish output. I don’t wear my indoor sleepers upstairs because the new carpet alone is so comfy to my bare feet.

I am over the moon seeing everything has been done exactly the way I wanted.

I am again thankful for another completed project we did, the fruit of our hard earned money.🥰

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