January Home Decor

Went to one of the shops with my boy after his class and one of the store clerk asked, “Are you Espanyol?” Responded with a brief answer, “I am not Spanish!”. He continued, “Are you Nihao, then?” I am not certain if I should laugh with the question or get irritated with it because nihao isn’t even a nationality at all. I took my change from what I bought, told him, “I AM A FILIPINO!” I’ve been in this country for almost four years now and yet, I still feel Filipinos are part of the invisible group with little information known about my little home.

The most common comment I get since I came here is, “Your English is good!” Yes because English is our second official language.😂 We can take this as a racial microaggressions remark or if we view it on a different side, it can be a compliment. I usually take it as the latter. I can’t control how others would treat foreigners like me in this country and that’s a painful fact but I can control how I respond to them. Not everyone is well travelled to accept the fact that people would sometimes change their paths and would be willing to settle to somewhere new, adjust to a different culture.

In instances I get upset for some unwanted remarks, I always remind myself that the reason I came here is to practice my profession with higher salary grade compared back home. Most of the things I enjoy from this country is because of me working my beautiful behind for it. We pay for almost everything we need. We aren’t allowed to get child benefits, we aren’t allowed to get council homes. As a working visa class holder, we aren’t entitled to get the same access and benefits of a UK Citizen. Most Filipinos came here to work and not as a freeloader and I hope people will realize that.

We are more than thankful for the job opportunity of course. Working abroad isn’t always rainbows and sunshine my friends.

Apologies for my emotional vent out drama today.(LOL). Talking about rainbows and sunshine, few days ago, we made a little trip to different home decoration shops in town with my Mon and Akyn.

Our first trip was from The Range in Clough Road. A happy place in Hull for me. They always got the stuff I wanted to have. Bought this key holders for our entry way so it’s easier for us to organize our keys at home.

This Boho style wall frame with dried flowers in it was from B&M. Displayed in our small hallway with Akyn’s baby photos on it.

The faux hanging plant from the Range again is for my garden. Most of my plants are now dead because of the freezing weather. Spring is coming anyway. I’ll start buying seed again.

Fat quarters for another DIY sewing project. I’ll use it as my kitchen curtain or a pillow case maybe.

And this beach bag I can’t pass. There’s nothing wrong with getting prepared for more adventures during warmer season.

Akyn’s fave during our trip was getting another plushie of his Pet Sim X game in Roblox.

The day ended with this Momma’s heart full of excitement to add more new decors in our little abode.

Have a pleasant sunny weather Pretty Mommas.💖

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