Lisa’s Waxmelts and Shower Whips

For this blog I will be promoting the small business of one of my workmates turned into a nice friend of mine called Lisa’s waxmelts. I’ve known her since I moved to a different job posting.

To give you a little background about me changing my current workplace last year, here’s a quick recap. I was quite worried at first when I had to change my work assignment thinking I got to adjust to a different set of people again, new work routines, new workloads like everything would be different except that I will still be in the fourth floor of the building. I knew I badly needed to change my work environment for my own well being but at the same time I hated it when I had to get out again of my comfort zone to be in the adjustment mode. But as everyone says that growth is halted without the willingness to learn new things. So, fast forward moved myself across to where I was previously working.

It was quite a challenge at me at first during the transition because I was still trying to heal myself from my previous experience and yet I got to deal with the changes. However, the worried me expecting the worst turned out to be a smooth transition as days go by. I have met genuinely nice people like Lisa and the rest of the team who were very warm to welcome me on the opposite side of the ward. Most of them are nice to me and I thank that A LOT.❤

Today, I’m more than happy to support Lisa’s new hobby of expressing her creativeness with these lovely scented products. Her wax melts I got last December were amazingly aromatic. I still use them every after I clean the house to remove any unwanted smell from my cleaning products. You can all visit her FB page by clicking the link. This time she made shower whips in different scents. I got mine with scent Kreed Hers, Gucci Rush and Le Vie Est Belle. I super love them. Thank you Lis for making extra effort to insert my request from your busy schedule.

Look at these beauties they come in colourful pastel shades, too.

This is one of her wax melts creations. More details of it with this link for my blog post.💛

On another note, my little boy is also busy enhancing his creativity by learning to create cute doodles.

Nice combo of colors for a seven year old output. I think he can draw better than mine. (LOL)

I am a supporter of small businesses especially if it’s for someone dear to me. Helping others bloom without expecting anything in return restores other’s faith in humanity.💚💛🧡

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