Mon’s Birthday and Everything Nice

It took me a while to write something new because I’ve been a so much of a worrier lately regarding some concerns about our owned properties at home that needs sorting out. It’s a long overdue process that I should have dealt with before but I chose to procrastinate because I already contemplated the hassle both financially and most of all emotionally draining fighting to get what is ought to be MINE.

I attended the Holy mass last Sunday to get more strength to overcome our family challenge at this moment, especially my Mama trying to display a brave face amidst everything and still managing to stand her ground. I love you Mama.❤

This is not the main meat for my today’s post but please let me express my sentiments to get this load off my chest.😥

When faced with trials, I would say I had proven how strong our family ties is trying to protect everyone and everything we love. Thank you to my brother in law Eric for assisting Mama during the entire journey and to my sister for looking after Papa while my Mama and Eric were busy securing our family assets.

I had sleepless nights worrying about my family because I felt helpless being too far from them. I would with no doubt, be the one to sort all of this if I am at home rather than my loved ones. With loads of prayers for serenity, peace and a transaction free from chaos, we managed to do what we wanted as a family for now. The battle ain’t finish yet but the fact that we had managed to impose our authority regarding what we DESERVE is already a BIG WIN to our side.

I wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone in my birthplace who helped my family in this ordeal. I will never forget your kindness to us and to those who made it more difficult to bear, I pray for your peace of mind.

I do pray continuously that humans to be less selfish, to stop being a twat taking advantage of things they knew in the first place they got no right to lay a hand on. Strive hard to be righteous even if it’s hard.

Thanks for listening to me pretty Mommas.🧡

Anyway, my main post is supposedly about Mon birthday last Sunday. 😂😂😂 I had to do this OOTD to start with.(LOL) I love this top from NEXT and had worn it several times.

My baby taking a selfie with Mommie.🧡

I normally just invite my closest Regino’s for an eat out during special event rather than me spending too much time in the kitchen cooking. Despite the busy schedule, I’m glad for the time they shared with us on this day. They are our constant circle of friends as an OFW. Sometimes, families are not always related by blood. They are connected with love.🧡I don’t mind having a small circle of people. I would prefer to get few real ones than a dozen of TUPPERWARES. If you get the old joke then congrats. (LOL)😂😂😂 Adding humour to my too serious post.

Also, another Lisa’s pretty output are these pretties for my bath. They are on different fragrance. I do love all of them. Perfect to relax our body to get these stresses away.

To sum up my week, it was quite a challenging one for me. I’m looking forward for more sunshine to come.❤❤❤

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