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Cold morning pretty Mommas. Winter it is, the time where most of us choose to be cozy and warm at home. For me, this cold season encourages me to finish a blog post rather than going out to shop alone during my time off. With Mon at work and Akyn in school today would mean I own the house this morning, free to do what I want on my rest day. Coffee + WordPress + Britney’s music=👌 Look at that! Using two screens just to finish one post!(LOL) This is Mon’s workplace when he is scheduled to work from home and now it’s temporarily MINE.😁

Although it’s cold season, we still force ourselves to go out to spend time with our little boy. There’s not much to do during winter because of the weather. I’m just thankful our house is situated near the city centre about five minute walk to the big shops. This post includes two fun activities we had with Akyn.

Photo taken a day before his class resumed from the December break. He wanted to go out even if it’s freezing. I won’t complain our winter weather here because I’ve seen some countries with the worst heavy snow during this month. Ours is a bit milder compared to them.

So, yeah this Momma had to dress up and spend time with my fave little human in the city centre.

After we bought his Lego toy request, I was craving for a hot noodle soup. Went to Pho36, an Asian restuarant nearby. Offered Akyn if he wanted a hot broth but he didn’t like one. I’ve ordered his obsession with Lumpia.

When my order for their special noodle arrived, Akyn asked to taste it. Guess what? He liked it then requested if we could swap. I will have his spring rolls and he will get his soup. I didn’t bother ordering another one to wait for 15 minutes before it’s ready. I’m happy seeing Akyn enjoying his noodles until he finished the last drop. He gave me the dumplings. He’s not a fan of the jelly texture of it’s wrap.

My craving was answered seeing my boy loving to eat. Momma’s love as they call it!😘 A simple trip to the shops and a meal shared with our little one can be considered something special addition to his childhood memory bank.

Take 20 shots before we had a decent photo whilst waiting for our food.🤣

Also, last weekend we went to Rock up in St Stephen. Booked it online a day before going to the venue. Akyn loves to climb on anything in the house that gave Mon an idea to book an activity for both of them. So amazed with how he was not scared at all to climb up to the top. An hour activity was so worth it if you got an active child like mine.

Look at the eager little man to reach the top. I won’t be able to do that if it was me climbing.😘

Kids grow up very fast. Spending time with them whilst their young is an opportunity for us parents to grab while we can. Soon they’ll have their own peers and we will be looking back to these sweet moments with them.❤️

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