9th Wedding Anniversary

June has been a kind month to us filled with all the joyful events to be grateful in life. Well, everyday should be a day I needed to remind myself to be thankful I am still breathing doing the things I love, isn’t it? That’s the spirit grateful Momma!❤️ Although I know that life ain’t always sunshine and rainbows to be honest. Gloomy days are unfortunately part of the equation in this lifetime. I acknowledge my feelings when I’m down. However, I make it to the point to shoo those cloudy days and let thy sunshine warm my human body. Why? Because it’s my choice to choose to be glad.

Anyway, let’s wrap up our June month. Akyn completed his first Communion ceremony, then we had few home project upgrades done to our little lair. Two years of stay in this house had already let me accomplish few projects. If there’s a will there’s a way as they say.

This month also marked our nine years of marriage. Nine years of fighting like cats and dogs. LOL😂 I would be greatly impressed if someone would say their marriage has been as smooth flowing as a serene deep river. Ours was a beautiful chaos of continuously adjusting in learning to agree to disagree, yet, we chose to keep it and grow old together like best of friends and most of the times best of enemies, too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣In a span of nine years had taught us so many lessons we are both going to cherish forever. Happy wedding anniversary my Love.

I bet Mon will be earning his loyalty award from Prestige Flowers with his continued order every special occasion. I love flowers especially the red roses as you can see in my wedding bouquet. That was my personal choice requested to my wedding planner. I was surprised he bought me my first UK rag doll. I used to get so crazy with rag dolls back home. I do still have them nicely wrap in Cebu. Named this pretty one as SIYAM which means nine to remind me of my 9th wedding anniversary present.

With our newest addition of big boy toys of Mon, we had it blessed by our parish priest, Father Canon. Thank you for praying for our safety for every journey. Father Canon is always ready to offer his prayers to his parishioners. I am so glad I belong to his congregation. I hope he will have more years to stay in Hull before getting another parish assignment in the future.

Without any specific occasion to celebrate, we ordered a pizza feast for the three of us just to say a big thank you for the joy of life.

Hey July, bring it on coz we’re ready to face you.

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