A Beautiful Change (Mountain View Nature’s Park)

As they say that change is inevitable and it's the only permanent thing that will happen in this world. Some changes may give us excitement however a few aren't that welcome to push through. But one thing for sure, changes will definitely bring us to a new situation which will help us grow and shall give us another chapter in our lives to learn more lessons. By the end of July, a major change will take place at work for our new schedules as well as for our respective assignments. This would mean we will have a new manager to report to and reshuffling... Read More

Third Year Wedding Anniversary (Karancho Beach Adventure)

We achieved another milestone in our marriage. Yey! Time really flies so fast. It was just as if yesterday when we both vowed in front of the altar during our wedding day and now after three years, we finally have our cute toddler with us. We have shared a lot of challenges and victories in a span of 3 years in our married life. We are both blessed to have found each other who are both willing to make our matrimony last for a lifetime. I love you Mon.♥ We're planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary by either simply having a family dinner within the... Read More

Dumaguete Mementos (Souvenir Shopping)

There are a lot of souvenir items that a traveler can find in Dumaguete for an affordable cost. We bought most of our souvenirs in Handuman Souvenir Shop, one of the local stores in the city.  You can check their Facebook Page to inquire more about their low-cost products. Their gift items were way cheaper compared to mall prices. Also, the quality of the merchandise from Handuman Souvenir Shop was undeniably good though it didn't cost that much compared to mall gift items. Let me share to you some of the gift shopping that we did in Dumaguete. This colorful... Read More

Trip to Dumaguete ( The City Tour 2nd Half)

After we roamed around the city for the first half of the day, we opted to eat our lunch first before returning back to the Gazebo Pension House. We visited the Robinson's Place, the largest shopping mall in Dumaguete,Negros Oriental and had our lunch there. We had a quick tour inside the mall and I was so delighted seeing Sans Rival Bistro, one of my top priorities to visit in my bucket list. This restaurant is known for their signature dessert, the famous Silvanas. It would be very hard for someone to resist its tempting sweetness. We wouldn't be able to... Read More

Trip to Dumaguete ( The City Tour 1st Half)

We arrived to Dumaguete at around 3 A.M but we left the boat and started looking for an accommodation at half past 5 in the morning. We rested in Gazebo Pension House, took a bath and planned our itinerary for the day before starting our exciting do it your own city tour. With the help of Google map, we were able to locate the tourist spots of the area without any hassle. Thank you to the modern technology of today's generation which makes travelling easier for everyone. Our first destination was to visit Saint Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral in Dumaguete. I... Read More

Where To Stay In Dumaguete

Dumaguete is known as the City of the Gentle People and I will attest to the fact that it is indeed the land of kind hearted individuals based in my experience during our trip. When we first arrived to the place, we didn't book for any accommodation and opted to look for one, once we would reach the city. We were lucky enough to meet Manong Lino, a tricycle driver who patiently looked for a place for us to stay. We went to 4 different hotels and pension houses but all of them were full. Luckily, we found the Gazebo... Read More

Trip To Dumaguete (Boat Experience)

It's been almost a year since the last time I traveled away from home to unwind from the stressful work environment. Aside from the cost of travelling, I also had to manage my time last year between my work schedule and my task of being a first time mom to my newborn. I would say last year was a year full packed of activities. I was exhausted both in preparing for my little boy's Christening and his first birthday party. Finally, I can now afford to squeeze in some time off request from work for this year. Hooray! My first... Read More

Coachella Inspired Summer Company Party

One of the fringe benefits of being employed is experiencing lavish parties sponsored by the company where you are currently connected. I've just recently attended a social gathering funded by the firm. It was our summer party, a Coachella inspired party with a touch of bohemian design for the venue preparations. I was greatly impressed with the preparations arranged by the team assigned for the party setting. It was well thought and I love the colorful girly set-up too. The company chose Montebello Hotel as our venue and for the food caterer. It's known for its Spanish interior design. We had our Prenuptial shoot here... Read More

Family Tradition About Souvenirs

My husband joined their company outing in Bohol last Saturday. He asked permission from me a few days ago if he could join with his office mates with their out-of-town trip. I immediately said yes, without thinking. After I said yes, that’s when all the “what if’s” came to my senses. I am an anxious type of wife whenever my husband is away on a trip. I trust him completely with his loyalty to me. However, my worries includes his safety during the trip, his comfort as to where he is going to spend his night with, if his food... Read More

Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Hello beautiful Mommies.☺ How's your day going? I was busy doing some record keeping earlier checking my monthly bills for my credit card and I was so happy seeing my installment payment is now fully paid. I love my credit cards as it had helped me several times in my life when I needed financial assistance. There are contrasting opinions whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage to use credit cards. Yes, it’s true that credit cards can cause enormous financial trouble when misused. However, there are also several advantages we can enjoy if we are using our credit cards... Read More

Safety Tips In Riding a Cab

I started my day ruining my weekly budget in going to work. I do always set a budget on how much expenses  I need to spend in traveling from our home to the office. My schedule changed just for today, as I requested for it, so I can leave early from work to attend to some family priorities. I used the same route in going to the office which I am familiar with during my regular schedule, but to my dismay the public utility Jeepney took forever before it would finally start its engine. The driver would wait until the vehicle... Read More

Easterrific Sunday 2017

My Easter Sunday started with a heavy rain followed by a terrible flood in going to the office. I tried different routes for me to arrive to my workplace but everything seemed to fail. I decided to head home and had informed my direct supervisor that I wouldn't be able to report to work for today. Who would want to report to work if you we're completely drenched by the rain and your shoes were soaked with muddy water? Anyway, let's focus on the positive event that happened today (April 16,2017). Last Thursday, Mon and I decided to let Akyn experience for... Read More

Memories of Sweden

It was a dream come true when my husband was hired and became part of the first few employees, who were sent to Sweden to undergo training. Free visa processing, free airfare ticket, free accommodation plus an allowance for their meal, were the perks of the said training. Who could have thought that he would be able to visit one of the most dreamed countries in the world. His newly found friends. [gallery ids="349,350,351" type="square"] They were able to experience both   winter and autumn season in Sweden. [gallery ids="361,364,365,362,363" type="slideshow"] [gallery ids="366,367,368,369,370,371" type="slideshow"] I wonder how their food would... Read More

Honeymoon-Disneyland Hong Kong

We spent our 3rd day honeymoon adventure in Hong Kong Disneyland. It was a great experience  to feel young again seeing all those Disney characters  and Disney themed parks. Our entrance ticket. [caption id="attachment_322" align="alignnone" width="4272"] Disney Entrance Ticket[/caption] An early bird catches an early worm. Yes, we were one of the early worms, I mean the early birds. We came exactly when the park was about to open. We didn’t want to miss any event! [caption id="attachment_324" align="alignnone" width="2848"] Ticketing Booth[/caption] As they said Disney was designed for both young and young at heart. With the couple shirts that... Read More

Honeymoon –Ocean Park Hong Kong

My first flying experience was memorable, not just because of the excitement and the feeling of being connected to the skies, but because It was our first travel abroad by plane with my husband for our honeymoon. Hong Kong, A City that never sleeps was our destination. Our departure time was 5:00 am from Cebu Mactan Airport. It would only take 20 minutes ride from our house to the airport, but I was already awake, alive and kicking as early as 3:00 am. I wasn’t too excited right? This is the First picture we had. Two rings to rule them... Read More